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Aggie's First Time

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Before we were married, my then girlfriend Aggie was quite sexually active with other men. I'm bi-sexual and assured her it was alright with me. In fact, I remember the first conversation we had on the subject, I told her my biggest turn-on was my woman with another man. She wasn't surprised, much to my surprise. She said this was quite common and she might someday accommodate me. I smiled and made passionate love to her, turned on by the fact that she was so open minded.

As time passed we would fight and break up, then make up and get back together again. After one such fight, she came to a nightclub my band was playing at and on break we went to my van, and started to fool around. In the midst of making love she asked if I would take her back. I said "If you do something for me." "Anything" she promised. "I want you to cheat on me tonight, and be freshly fucked when I come over after work." I whispered in her ear, withdrawing my throbbing cock. "Ok, I'll do it" she said. Then she jumped in her car and left. I had an erection the rest of the night and drove straight to her apartment after the last note sounded.

I let myself in and went to her bedroom. She was asleep in bed and naked. I pulled the covers back and started to eat her. She awoke and smiled. "Put your fingers in and taste" she said softly. I complied and the taste of sperm was quite distinctive. "Are you sure your not mad?" she asked. "No, I asked you to do this." I replied and sucked her pussy for the longest time. I fucked her with the passion of a madman and had the most intense orgasm of my live with her that night. The next weekend we traveled to the club together and on a break I mentioned she seemed awful friendly with the guy she had been dancing with. They were on the dance floor dancing every slow song. She had been drinking pretty heavily and was slightly drunk. "I didn't think you'd mind" she said and kissed me deeply, signaling she was more than a little turned on. "No, I don't mind, in fact I was getting kind of turned on" I whispered in her ear.

She smiled and I returned to the bandstand to finish up the last set. From my vantage point I could see the back door and half way through the last set, she intercepted this guy as he walked out of the men's room and practically dragged him out the back door to where my van was parked. The rest of the set was played with a hard-on. As I packed up my guitar and headed out the back door I noticed my van was rocking and snuck up and peered into the front window. There lay Aggie with this guy on top of her, fucking her senseless.

The front of the van was hidden by shadows and I freed my throbbing cock and stroked it as I watched her fuck. I couldn't keep from cumming watching the live sex show and after they finished, I went up to the side door and opened it. This guy was pulling up his pants and I noticed his cock was wet with pussy juice and sperm. "Oh sorry, didn't mean to interrupt," I lied and he quickly exited the van and left. She laid there grinning. "I hope you don't mind me getting fucked" she smiled. "I was so turned on and I didn't think you wouldn't mind." I threw my guitar in the truck and climbed in.

In the dim light I could see the sperm running out of her pussy and quickly positioned my face in her crotch. I've loved the taste of cum for years and a freshly delivered load was too tempting to resist. I ate her for a while, then slid my now raging hard-on into her. She moaned with pleasure as I added to the sperm already in her. As I finished, she moaned she was still horny, and in her drunken state I knew she could fuck for hours. I pointed the van in the direction of an all-night adult theater and drove off. She asked where we were going, and I smiled. "It's a surprise," I said, a devious plan forming in my mind. Couples are admitted free and as I pulled into the theater some minutes later I asked if she was into watching some porno flicks. "If it will make you hard again, sure," she laughed.

We were in the theater minutes later and the only other patron was a young black guy. We sat in the seats in front of him and after about 10 minutes of watching the film, she seemed to forget he was behind us. I was getting hard again watching the film and she freed my cock and started sucking me. The black guy stood up to watch and asked if we minded him coming around front to see the show. I signaled him around and Aggie seemed oblivious to him, as she deep throated me. He took his position on the other side of her and freed the largest, blackest cock I had ever seen. Aggie was so intent on sucking me that she didn't notice I was signaling him closer. I placed her hand on this monster cock and she started stroking him as she sucked me. I gently pulled her head off my cock and directed her face towards his mammoth cock. She looked up at him and muttered "MMMM, dark meat!" and proceeded to suck this stranger off. She never released my cock from her other hand and stroked me as she sucked and licked him. After a few minutes she removed her mouth and returned to sucking me.

I figured the party was over but boy was I wrong. Never taking her mouth off my cock, she turned and rose to place one knee on the seat and reached down to unbutton her tight jeans. Sliding them down she reached between her legs and grabbed the black guys cock, guiding it into her wet pussy. I slid down between her legs and into the 69 position and the black guy entered her. In the flickering light of the screen, I watched as a large black cock entered my girlfriend's pussy and the black guy grabbed her hips and slowly started fucking her.

Between the cock in her pussy and my tongue on her clit, she started to moan in orgasmic bliss as he fucked her and I ate her. This was too much for me and I felt the cum start to rise as I tried to pull her mouth off my cock. She wouldn't stop and I shot my load down her throat as the black guy stiffened and shot his load deep in her pussy. He kept cumming and she was grinding her clit into my teeth as her small body was racked with multiple orgasms. When her black lover finished cumming, he pulled out and my mouth was flooded with his sperm. She felt this and ground harder cumming again and again. When she was finished she stood up and three other patrons stood there applauding.

She quickly pulled up her pants as I sat up and regained my composure. We quickly left and on the way out of the parking lot she muttered, "I don't believe we just did that. Don't you ever ask me to do that again."
"Okay baby, I won't," I promised.

We drove home and she wanted to fuck all night after that. We fell asleep around daylight and I came a total of 6 times that night. But this was just the beginning of our fun.

More in chapter two.

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