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Alison ©

Hi, it's me again, Alison and I've got another story for you. It was early one evening and I had an extreme sweet tooth for some dark chocolate. Not a candy bar but the sweet dark chocolate of a black guys cock. So I decided what better place to go to satisfy me craving than the convenience store.

So I got dressed, I put on my light blue mini dress and white heels and drove up to the store in hopes of finding a hot black stud. I sat in my car waiting for about half an hour until I saw a tall,dark black man get out of his car and go into the store. My pussy got wet instantly in anticipation of his big, black boner in my mouth.

I got out of my car and leaned seductively on the front fender as I waited for him to come out and see me. And see me he did, what man would'nt of? I asked him if he would give me a ride because my car would'nt start. He said sure (of course he did) and I got in his car and we drove off. He asked me where was I going and I told him that hopefully I was going down on him as I licked my lips and pulled up my dress the show him my pantiless pussy. His eyes almost popped out as he watched me play with myself.

I told him to pull into the next alley. He did and I told him to stop by this dumpster. The car came to a stop and I told him let's get out to do this. We walked over behind the dumpster and I squatted down in front of him and pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock, and what a beautiful cock it was. It was about ten inches long and nice and thick with a large bulbous head. I actually had an orgasm after sucking it for only a few seconds, god I was so fucking horny for some black dick...and I was getting some! A pretty girl always get what she wants, and this pretty girl wants this black studs cock in her hot, wet pussy right now.

I stood up after sucking his massive meat stick for about twenty minutes and turned around and bent over and leaned against the smelly dumpster, inviting him to stick his cock inside me. My whole body shuddered in ecstasy as all ten inches of that gorgeous black cock slid up in me, within seconds of his thrusting I had the first of three more orgasms. We must have fucked for an hour before he uttered that he was going to cum.

So I pulled off of him and turned around and squatted down in front of him as he stroked his glistening black cock into an orgasm that flooded my open mouth with his sweet treat...Mmmm. Thick, warm globs gushed from his pulsing head, covering the left side of my face and hair as well. I gobbled up every bit of it I could, Just like a crazed crack whore as I looked up at him in satisfaction as the last drops of his jizz was milked into my mouth.

We got dressed and got back into the car and I told him to take me back to my car and that It was'nt really broken. I was pretending to need a ride just so I could suck and fuck his delicious black cock. You should've seen the look on his face, he was puzzled yet pleased. I was pleased too, very pleased, until my next craving for chocolate.

Until next time, bye...Alison the"AlleyCat" XOXO

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