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The System

I had gotten caught in a white-collar fraud scheme, and had been sentenced to 5 years in the state pen. I was a 45 year old white business type, had some money, and a hot 25 year old wife, Sherry, who liked me mostly for the bucks, although she loved fucking. She came from a broken home and had no relatives or family, having been raised in foster care, with the usual early introduction to sex by a foster daddy. She was tall, about 5’10", and had long blonde hair, green eyes and long shapely legs. Her tits were big – 40C cups, with dark, well defined aureoles and big, sensitive nipples about the size of the end of your thumb. She loved having them treated roughly. She had a soft, large mound between her legs, and her gash ran deeply into the front of it, showing clearly because she loved to keep it shaved. Hidden inside was a large clit, about as big as the end of your pinky, with a glistening pearl-like pink sheen to it. Her outer cunt lips were thick and smooth and soft, and her inner lips were bright pink, and sweet and fresh, as they peeked out of her luscious cunt. I had hooked up with her when she had been working as a waitress at my country club. I was looking for a hot cunt – she was looking to get 3 hots, a flop in a classy crib, a nice car, and some bling. It was a good deal for both. She had signed a tough pre-nup, and wouldn’t get anything if she divorced me, so she was stuck with me while I was inside.
After a short period in the slammer, I had in effect been "sold" to settle some dispute by the white biker and skinhead gangs that had rights over me as a white guy to a Black gang, the GangstaDukes. The guards knew about this kind of stuff and ignored it if it kept order. My "owner" was Master D, a senior boss in the Dukes. After the sale, I had been gang-raped in the shower by his homeys, and had to live in his crib as his bitch slave. I was required to be naked in the cell at all times, to sit and sleep on the floor, to make his bed and clean and take care of his clothes, and to suck his cock at least twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. My ass had a big prison tat – one cheek said "Slave" and the other said "Whore", in a semi circle kind of arc, and an arrow pointed down from each word to my asshole. I was regularly ass fucked by junior members of the Dukes whenever my owner felt like it. If I resisted or complained to the outsde, I would have been dead from a shiv within a day.
My wife had been noticed when she came to visit one day. Master D then decided that since he owned me, he owned everything I owned. I was forced to tell his boys one day everything about my outside life. I learned later that he had communicated what they learned to their gang members outside, who then did what was necessary. After scouting out the situation, they had "captured" Sherry one Friday, and had taken her to a gang safehouse where she was broken in as a slave whore slut for black cock. She was told she was going to be broken and trained, and used as a street whore. If she did well, she would live. If she did not, she would be exported to Africa and sold as a salve there to disappear into the hellholes of the Middle East, or she would be killed and her body fed to dogs. She had been trained for two months, while some black gangsta chicks had moved into my house. Since Sherry didn’t work, had no family and few friends since my conviction, no one missed her.
While Sherry was being trained, she was kept naked and chained to a pole in the basement of the club by a chain padlocked around her neck. After her first gang-fuck, her head had been completely shaven, so she was totally hairless. She was fed a mixture of canned dogfood and vegetables from a bowl on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her back during feeding. She was required to drink at least a quart of gangsta piss every day for the first two weeks, and then they trained her to drink it down from her knees when they pissed directly into her mouth. She pissed and shit into a drain on the floor, and was washed by being hosed down, soaped up, and scrubbed, and then rinsed into the same drain she used as her toilet, next to the place she slept naked on the floor. She was given a two bag enema every day, and squatted over the floor drain and sucked black cock while she passed the enema. All modesty and sense of privacy, resistance or restraint was being broken from her. They also started injecting her with heroin, to cause her to be dependent on them for a fix.
If she resisted any of her training or orders, she was tortured and punished. For minor transgressions, she was slapped around, spanked heavily with a hairbrush, or hung upside down and had the soles of her feet beaten with a small baseball bat. For more serious resistance, a favorite was to strap her onto a torture table, clamp her nose shut, and attach alligator electrode clamps to her clit and her tongue, and turn on the electricity while she screamed and writhed in agony. Another was to hang her spread-eagled by her ankles with her hands tied behind her back, and cane her cunt from the front, while her ass was beaten by two trainers from behind. She didn’t require much punishment – she was eager to please her trainers.
Her sexual skills were not neglected, and were emphasized in her training. She was gang fucked in all her holes at least twice a day by no less than 4 or 5 slammers. She had to suck off at least ten thick black cocks a day. She quickly learned to repress her gag reflex, and learned to take thick 14 inch black love logs all the way into her throat, so her nose pressed into the pubic hairs of her Master/trainer belly while she serviced his meat. Her cunt and asshole were stretched, using dildos and speculums, and she was fisted in both holes so that she was able to take two huge black cocks at the same time in either hole. To keep muscle tone, she was required to exercise in chains, encouraged by a riding crop, and to keep her cunt desirable, she was required to squat over wine bottles, and pick them up by the neck using only her cunt that was lowered onto their necks.
The last week of the month, she was tattoeed. Her ass was tattooed with the exact same mark that the prison artist had put on mine – an arc of the words "Slave" and "Whore" were affixed in a semi-circle across both ass cheeks, with an arrow from each word piointing diagonally down her ass into her crotch to her sweet spot in between her cunthole and asshole.
Her love mound on the front of her cunt where her pubic hair would grow if not shaven had the words "Property of GangtaDukes" tattooed inside the borders of a shield shaped tattoo. A heavy ring piercing was put through her fleshy mound so she could be led around by ha leash on her cunt. Thorn studded rose stems were tattooed in a circle around each nipple, with the words "slave of black cock" tattooed around the thorn circles.
At the completion of a month’s training, she was allowed out of the basement, although her ankles were still chained together when she was not fucking. She was allowed to wear loose clothing, sleep in a bed, and use a normal toilet. Her hair was starting to grow in, and looked very butch. She was given normal food, and was allowed to sit at a table and chair to eat it with knife, fork and spoon. She was given her fix when she needed it. These rewards were given on condition of good performance.
She was required to fuck at least ten black cocks each day, and she understood if she did not perform well and with enthusiasm, she would be returned to the basement, be tortured and left here cold turkey before her training was restarted at the beginning. Her whole focus in life was to please the cocks of her black owners and masters. As with many kidnap victims, she had come to identify with her captors. She truly loved opening her cunt and asshole and mouth to receive and serve the beautiful black cocks she was so lucky to suck and serve. She longed to taste their cum, and slurp it down as often as possible. She loved drinking their piss, and begged them to piss in her mouth. The sexual pleasure they gave her by fucking her and allowing her to worship their beautiful and massive cocks, and the drug dream of her heroin nod, as well as the fear of the power they held over her, made her truly their willing and well trained slave.
Now she is being brought to the prison. A so called conjugal visit is to be arranged – but the fix is in. The guards will see to it that I and she are placed in a room with my Owner and Master, Master D, and several of the GangstaDukes inmates who rule my life. There we will each be assfucked by our owners, and she will watch me suck the cocks of my Master while she does the same. She will know that I am now a slave bitch slut who serves my black Cockmaster owner. I will then be taken from the room, while she remains and entertains her owners with a good gangfuck and thanks them for training her as a good white slut black cock slave whore.
Following that, she will be turned out onto the streets, to sell her slave white ass in the ghetto, serving all black cock presented to her and giving all her profits to her owners, who also own me. I do not ever expect to see her again – she is the service of those who can pleasure and use her best – her black Cockmasters - whose massive meat and power is so superior to my impotence. She belongs to them, as she should.

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