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A Very True Story

Recently, I met a white girl who had never imagined being fucked by a black man. We sat at a bar and talked at length about some of her relationships. During the course of conversation, she mentioned that she had heard all of the stories of how big and strong Black men are. She told me she had noticed that many Black women have big butts and her thinking was that they needed it if black men's dicks were as big as she had heard they were.

After a couple of hours of conversation and a pint of vodka, I convinced her (Sherry is here name) to take a ride with me. For the next hour, we talked about fucking; favorite positions, best lovers, all of that kind of shit. After much bragging and boasting on my part, I was able to convince Sherry to at least consider having sex with me. So as we rode around, I pulled my dick out for her to see.

She wasn't very impressed at first. What I showed was not the full length and it was only semi- hard. I took her hand and guided it to my dick. I think she really wanted to touch it but was reluctant because of some old prejudices and unfounded beliefs. However, once she did, I had to force her hand to let go. She grabbed it and immediately began to very smoothly stroke it up and down. As she stroked, she added a nice little twice to her hand and made my dick jerk several times. The more she played with it, the longer and harder it got. I stopped for a traffic light at a well-lighted intersection and I could see the fascination on her face. She was almost drooling and leaned over for a closer inspection. I just knew she was going to put it in her mouth. She didn't, and I was disappointed. Those moist lips of hers looked so inviting.

I decided right there and then that I was going to fuck Sherry. I drove her to my office which was on the 16th floor of a downtown building. At first she didn't want to go in, but it didn't take much to convince her as a pried her hand away from dick. As soon as we were in the building, I grabbed her and pulled her close. She started grinding her middle against my throbbing hard-on. I reached around her and lifted her skirt. She was wearing bikini panties and had a nice, firm, and round ass. She smiled when I told her she a booty like a black girl. I said, "You are definitely not the typical white girl with no ass." At that point, she turned around and began rolling that juicy butt against my crotch. As she enjoyed herself, I grabbed for her breasts. They were full and ripe and just over a hand full. I leaned against her, forcing her to bend and place her hands on my desk. "I am so hot!!!" she murmured. "I know you are," I replied. "I can feel the heat your body is generating," I told her.

"Before we go any further, I want you to dance for me," I said. I pressed the wall mounted button that controlled the sound system and slow langurous jazz filled the room. Sherry, who claimed to be shy about showing off her body, began to sway to the music. She would move in just close enough for me to touch and then glide swiftly away. Her body was such a turn on as she lifted her dress to show me her panty-clad ass or unbuttoned the top to show that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits stood high and proud as if to say they didn't need any support. She had long thick nipples that I knew I was going to love sucking and biting. On one of those times when she slid between my legs to rub her breasts in my face, I just grabbed her and held her close. I latched onto those sweet-tasting tits with my mouth while my hands roamed all over her sexy body. She moaned against me as she began to gyrate. I reached between her legs and could easily feel the heat and moistness there. I ran my hand back and forth from her pussy to her ass making her almost jump out of my grasp.

She stood and pushed my face away from her nipples and leaned down to kiss me. Her long tongue slid into my mouth and found mine. Our tongues did a lazy dance while our hands gripped and grabbed. Continuing to kiss, I stepped and aside and put my hand into her panties. She was so wet. I could literally grab hands full of her pussy juice. Without thinking, I pushed her to the floor and spread her legs. I lifted her knees over my shoulders as I sniffed at the crotch of her panties. She all but begged me to lick her slit. But I wanted to tease her. I just continued to rub my nose into her crotch as she hunched her pussy up to my face. I stuck out my tongue to taste her wetness. Just when she was about to come, I would stop and kiss her inner thighs. By now, Sherry is squirming out of control. I moved away from her to allow her to regain some of her composure. We stood up and I began to undress her. First I removed her shoes and hose, all the while continuing to kiss and caress her. When she was down to only her panties, I began to undress. I got down to only my tight fitting briefs and I heard her gasp in surprise. "It's bigger than it was when I was playing with it" she cried! She leaned forward and kissed just the head. My dick jerked in her hand and she used her other hand to begin stroking it. She started adding licks to her kisses and soon stretched her mouth to get the big mushroom shaped head inside.

She couldn't handle much more than the head and began rolling her tongue around it as she sucked on it. I maneuvered my body around so that I could pull her panties aside and see that pretty pussy of hers. I touched her clit and she came immediately. Her lips clamped so tightly around my dick that I was afraid she was going to bite it. I pulled my dick from her face and grabbed her by the waist. With her on her knees, I ripped her panties to shreds and prepared to slide my meat into her. I put just the head in and held it there for a few seconds. Sherry moaned loudly and tried to push back and get more inside her. Every time she pushed back and moved back keeping her from getting any more than what I wanted her to have. I massaged the cheeks of her beautiful ass and slid another inch inside her. By now she was moving like a turbo, rolling and grinding her ass and begging me to put it all inside. I pulled back and slid another couple of inches in her and just held it there. Sherry starts screaming for me to fuck her, to give her that long black dick that she needs so much. I, on the other hand was determined to make her wait. I began a slow stroking motion with the four inches I had in her already. Sherry begins to get really vocal about what she wants. "Give me that big black dick. Fuuuck meeeee. Make me your freak!! I need that thick dick deep inside me. Please give it to me." At that point I slide about four more inches into her and at the same time reach around to her front to play with her clit. She starts to pant even more. "Yes, yesssssss, grab my clit...pull on it. I wish you had teeth in your hands so you could bite it. Keep that going and I'm going to come all over you." Just as she got the words out of her mouth, I shove the remaining inches of my dick into her. That woman came so hard she almost threw me off of her. Her pussy gushed juice out that sprayed my balls and the fronts of my thighs. I went into high gear at the point, jamming dick as deep into her as I could. She just kept on cumming and screaming. I hoped now one was in the building or they might've thought someone was being murdered. Sherry was only the third woman I had met who had multiple orgasms and the first to "squirt". The more she squirted, the tighter her pussy gripped my dick. I pulled out of her completely as she shivered and squirmed trying to get my dick back in. "Put it back in, put that big dick back in me!!! I need that black dick" I rammed her a good one and she started cumming all over again. Without pulling out of her, I rolled her onto her back and began pounding that pussy for all I was worth. I could feel the sperm churning in my balls and I was ready to give it all to her. After beating her pussy into three more orgasms, I began to spurt my seed deep into her pussy. I had never come so hard or so much in my life. My come overflowed her pussy and ran down into the crease of her sweet butt. I pulled out while still coming and shot the remainder on her face. Sherry used her fingers to push it into her mouth then took a fistful of dick and pulled it to her tongue so she could lick up any that was left. Sherry passed out and I collapsed on top of her.

When she awoke, we dressed without a word and left. In the car we talked about getting together again, but to date, that has not happened.

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