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I work everyday, get too many traffic tickets and have just enough money to get by. My wife is 36 and by anyones standards, she's a real beauty. Soft red hair, sparkling emerald green eyes and the body of a twenty year old. She's the sexiest woman I've ever seen. I love her totally and without reservation. I'm equally certain that she adores me. We're the couple next door or down the street. The only thing unusual about us is the amount of time we spend having sex together. We may overdo it sometimes but so what? She really loves the feel of a man between her legs and nothing arrouses me so much as watching her get what she wants. Watching her get it from a strange man is every bit as gratifying as giving it to her myself. Still think I'm the guy next door? Friend, you ain't heard nothing yet.

For years, we've been meeting strange men in motels for 3-ways. This kind of 3-way is usually a husband with a camera watching and taking photos while a stranger recruited from the pages of a swinger's magazine feels up, makes out with, strips, and fucks his mostly bored, occassionally energetic wife. Its pretty much like that with us too except in our case, the wife is never bored and tirelessly energetic. She loves giving it to strange guys. She loves the anticipation, the naughty whorishness of it. And, for her and me as well, nothing can top the excitement that grips us both the first time we have sex with somebody new. Its that FIRST TIME FEELING everytime we do it.

With me, its not supressed homosexual tendencies, penis envy, or sexual inadequacy. I come by my appreciation of vicarious sex quite honestly. When I was an adolescent, discovering my sexuality I often listened outside my parents door when they had sex. I had the Oepidus thing bad. Somebody doing it to my Mom was pretty close to me doing it to my Mom. I masturbated listening to her and Dad fucking a lot of times and I always imagined it was me giving it to her instead of him. I loved her so and I was too young to understand why it simply could not be.

Then one night, something happened that fixed everything. The guilt, the confusion - everything! They made a place for me in their bed by bringing something new into their sex play. That night, my dad started talking to her about black men. Asking her if it excited her to think about a big. huge cocked black man fucking her? It excited her alright. The more he talked about it, the hotter she got. She even talked about it too. She told dad it excited her alot. She said she wanted a big dicked black man to fuck her. I don't think she wanted it as much as my dad did but after that night, they almost always got each other hot talking about my mom getting it on with a black guy. They got especially hot talking about how big his black cock was and how it stretched her pussy.

Suddenly, I wasn't left out anymore. I could solve my Oepidal crisis and fuck my mom at the same time. I simply became the big-dicked black man in their fantasy. When she wanted the black man to fuck her, she wanted me to fuck her. When my dad wanted the black man to fuck her he was making it alright for me to fuck her too. I could please them both amd myself too as long as I imagined that I was the visiting black man. He gave them what they needed and everytime he got it, I got it.

It don't take a genetic engineer to see why I enjoy seeing my wife with strange men. I love her as totally as I loved me mother and now I often fuck her the same way. Of course, it wouldn't work for us if she was just doing it for me and believe me a lot of swinging housewives are doing just that. Thank God for my wife's promiscuous years as a divorcee. One night stands got her thru then and they still give her the same thrills and excitement today. Only now she shares her desire for another one with a guy who wants and needs it as much as she does. I approve and encourage her to go for it for both our sakes. I don't want just me and the guy fucking her to cum while he's fucking her. I want her to cum too! Hell, I need her to cum!

So we are absolutely perfect for each other, right? Still not sure about all this? Well just wait til I tell you about DC. You'll see what I mean for sure.

It was our first trip to an on-premises swing club. It was a place called "THE PLAYGROUND" in Washington D.C. We read about it in CHERI magazine. I liked the on-premises format from the start. On premises means no hotels or dinners or awkward preliminaries. On premises means "RAM - BAM - Thank you, M'am" and no complications. A fox like my wife gets alot of attention in a place like that.

I liked the location of the club too. D.C. is full of blacks and nothing arrouses me like watching her (or any white woman for that matter) get it on with one or even a group of black guys. I knew there would be plenty of opportunities for that in a D.C. club. "On premises" meant I could watch and that really appeals to me too. So as far as I was concerned, THE PLAYGROUND was perfect. I could hardly wait.

We decided to go on Friday night. Single guys as well as couples were allowed to attend on Fridays. I figured we could pick a guy up at the club and take him back to our hotelroom for a session or two of the old "fuck'er-while-I-watch-and-take- pictures" game. Then, after some sight-seeing on Saturday, we could return to the club Saturday night for a COUPLES ONLY session.

Man, I have never looked forward to anything like I looked forward to that trip. When we finally got to DC and registered at the hotel, I insisted on going directly to the club. I had spent the entire drive to DC anticipating it and I didn't want to wait any longer. I wanted to skip everything else and get right down to business but my wife insisted we shower, change and eat before going.

Finally, I had to admit it was better her way. She needed to prepare herself. I could wait a little longer. The excitement of waiting for it all week caused me to be a little over anxious. Like she said, the place wasn't going anywhere. Besides, I didn't want to piss her off before we even got there. I wanted her in a good mood - a partying mood.

THE PLAYGROUND was in a converted brownstone duplex on "K" Street, in what was undoubtedly one of the more rundown sections of the city. There was a huge railroad yard nearby and warehouses across the street. If I hadn't been too excited to think about crime areas and bad neighborhoods, we might have kept on driving. But my excitement level was too high for caution.

I'll never forget how thrilling it was to walk into that place. My cock was hard just thinking about it. Nothing could have discouraged me, not even the shabby, rundown look of the place. Once there, I just had to go in.

The deteriorating neighborhood outside was compatible with the deterioration inside. The lobby and entrance area was poorly furnished, harshly lighted, and generally shabby looking. A large, overweight black man behind a desk stood up to greet us. After trying to fuck my wife with his eyes, he explained about couples night being Saturday. He was mildly surprised when we told him we wanted to go in anyway but he was cool. He looked at us differently after that - smiling broadly and winking, like he shared some secret with us or something.

He took our money and told us we could only wear bathrobes upstairs - nothing else. He also told me to leave the camera because photos were not allowed! The club provided the bathrobes and a place to change. The selection was pretty bad. I stripped completely. Jean kept her garters & stockings on under her bathrobe. The receptionist was a clandestine eavesdropper and he made no bones about watching us as we changed into the required bathrobes.

Knowing he was watching us remove our clothing excited me. I wanted him to see. I even moved out of his line of sight when Jean removed her panties. I liked letting him see her pussy, letting him want it. I got hard imagining how sexy it would be if he stuck his stiff cock thru the doorway curtains so my wife could see it. I envisioned her dropping to her knees and sucking it right there. The thought was so arrousing it almost made me cum. I couldn't help it. My libido was into overdrive. I wanted to see her with a black guy so bad even fatso would do. I just wanted to see it.

But fatso didn't try anything. He just peeked and pretended not to be peeking while we pretended not to know he was watching until we were ready to go upstairs. I'm sure he was fucking her in his mind though. She's got terrific legs and she looks sexy as hell in garters and hose. Who wouldn't want to fuck her?

We went upstairs. It was just as jumbled as downstairs but was cleaner. Explicit slides projected down at us from the wall adjacent the stairs so we paused on the steps to watch them for a moment or two before going on up.

The stairs opened into a lounge area. Sofas along the walls, end tables, lamps, etc. There were five white guys of various sizes, shapes and ages sitting around a coffee table in the center of the room shooting the breeze.

They looked at JJ like wolves looking at a leg of lamb. They were practically salivating as they greeted us and showed us to the beverage bar. They made small talk about this and that but what they all wanted was some of my wife's pussy. Thats what they were in the club for. And since she was there too, they figured she was going to put out. They were already imaging how good sticking it in her would feel. Why else was she there?

Unfortunately for them, that "here's the pussy" attitude really turns this particular lady off. She doesn't like being taken for granted. Those guys had about as much chance of getting between her legs as the fat guy downstairs.

After a few minutes of chitchating, she told me she wasn't impressed with any of them and she wanted to go back to the hotel. I wanted to explore the rest of the place before leaving so I steered her away from the "frantic five" and led her thru some curtains into the MATTRESS ROOM. A sign at the entrance read: IF THIS ROOM IS OCCUPIED AND YOU AREN'T INVITED IN - STAY OUT!

The room was a split level and both levels were covered with mattresses. It was like being in a huge split level bed - a large lower level and a smaller loft section overlooking the level beneath. Looking at the room, I couldn't help thinking about all the fucking and sucking that went on there. It was an exciting room to be in even when it was empty.

We went thru another curtained doorway leading off the lower level and entered yet another room. A porno film was showing on the back wall and mattresses and pillows covered the floor. Unlike the MATTRESS room, this room wasn't empty.

There was an athletic looking black guy, maybe 23 or 24, sitting against the wall, smoking a cigarette and watching the movie. If he was aware of us, he gave no sign. The film seemed to have his undivided attention.

On the screen, a nice looking blue-eyed blond with big titties was trying her best to swallow one stiff cock while, at the same time, another guy was slamming his stiff cock in and out of her hairy pussy. The cocks were black and so were the men attached to them. No wonder it had his undivided attention. That kind of action gets my undivided attention too. Seeing those two celluloid studs work on that sexy white girl gave me an instant hardon.

My sexy lady got miffed when the guy watching the movie didn't respond to us or show any interest in us/her. She looked good and she knew she looked good. It irritates her when a man fails to notice but it attracts her to the man too.

She moved closer, sticking out her tits. The guy didn't even look up. He stared at the images on the wall and practiced blowing smoke rings. Determined to get his attention, Dixie Jean walked over and plopped down right beside him, allowing her robe fall open revealing those big beautiful tits of hers.

"I'm Tiffany. This is my husband. What's your name?" she asked, forcing him to look at her. He looked - first at her tits and then at her. When he saw me, he looked right into my eyes, glavced down at the hardon sticking out of my bathrobe and nodded his understanding. I relaxed and sat down with them. Enough preliminaries. It was time to party!

His name was Larry and something was definitely stirring under his bathrobe. The way he was looking at my wife (not Tiffany by the way) made my dick jump with anticipation. He was already thinking about fucking her.

My sexy little wife started talking and before we knew it, the three of us were hitting it off like old friends. I kept one eye on the movie as we talked. The blond woman in that flic was something. She had two black guys fucking her at the same time and she was loving every minute of it. The images on the wall made my need to see Tiffany do it even more urgent. I was really ready for something real.

As if reading my thoughts, my wife suggested we all go into the MATTRESS room and get better acquainted. I could tell by the bulge in Larry's bathrobe that he was all for getting better acquainted (at least with my wife). She was arroused too. When I saw the whorish gleam in her eye, I knew we were all in for a treat.

Larry was aggressive. He touched Tiffany's ass as we were switching rooms - squeezing the cheeks and patting it repeatedly. That excited the hell out of me. There's something really sexy about a white woman with a black man's hands inside her bathrobe! I was more than a little excited as we mounted the loft.

In the loft, we all sat in the shadows, against the back wall - Larry on one side of JJ and me on the other. I volunteered to get us all a drink and walked back out to the lounge. On the way, I noticed the wall between the lounge and the MATTRESS room had several diamond shaped openings in it. Openings through which people in the lounge could watch what was going on in the mattress room.

The other guys in the club had taken up positions near those openings. They couldn't go into the loft without an invitation but there was nothing to stop them from eavesdropping. When I returned with the drinks, two of them were openly fondling themselves, obviously excited by what they saw in the loft. I hurried thru the curtains to see what was arrousing them so.

When I saw my wife and Larry, I almost dropped the drinks. They were still sitting as when I left them but now Larry's robe was open and his rockhard cock was sticking straight up in the air. It was the biggest, blackest cock I ever saw. My wife was bent over his lap, sucking his big cock with an intensity that surprised even me. She was doing it without any prompting from me and she was obviously enjoying it! Watching her work on his big cock with her mouth gave me and anybody else watching her a bigger hardon than we already had.

I couldn't quite believe it was happening. She was just doing it! In all our previous experiences, her first contact with another guy's cock was a dare or a suggestion from me. This was the first time she had ever done anything so naughty on her own. I was so hot & fired up, I wanted to ditch the drinks and jerk off. It was the most erotic moment I ever experienced.

As I approached with the drinks, she stopped sucking his cock and leaned back against the wall. She told me Larry had a big dick - that it stretched her little jaw. I know he's got a big dick, I told her as I pulled her over and slipped my cock in her mouth. I wanted her to suck me like she sucked him. I wanted to feel what he felt.

She gave me a couple concilliatory sucks and then raised up looking for her drink. I asked her how she and Larry had progressed from talking to her sucking his cock so fast. She laughed and told me that she had asked him if he had a big dick and he had told her to see for herself. What else could she do? He had called her bluff. And while she was "seeing for herself", his big cock somehow ended up in her mouth.

She turned back to Larry, loosening her robe so he could get at her with his hands. He looked her titties over but his hands went for her pussy, slipping a finger in as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He was good at fingerfucking and my lady loves being fingerfucked. It makes her super hot!

As they petted, I told her about the holes in the wall and all the guys in the other room watching her. She got really excited then. She wanted to fuck him with them watching. "It'll do'em good to see him getting it when I wouldn't give it to any of them" she said.

I wanted Larry to fuck her too but I wanted to take pictures. I wanted him to fuck her where I could take pictures -like back at the hotel! She didn't want to wait but she finally agreed not to fuck him unless he came back to the hotel with us. She just wanted me to tell him about it. No sweat!

I told him I wanted to take pictures and I indicated that the party was over if he wasn't willing to come to our hotelroom so I could photo the action. When he realized he wouldn't get to fuck her any other way, he agreed.

My wife and I left, leaving the observers with nothing to watch. Larry followed us out. Everyone including the fat guy downstairs knew what we up to and they all leered at us knowingly. Those looks made JJ feel naughty and whorish - and feeling naughty and whorish makes her hotter than anything else. She was as hot right then as I have ever seen her!

Larry followed us to our hotel in his car and rode up in the elevator with us. A couple hotel employees (both black guys) watched us enter the elevator. They leered at us like they knew what we were up to. JJ actually blushed, certain that they did know. It made her feel cheap and whorish all over again. It also made her even hotter than she already was.

When we reached the room, none of us knew what to do. Changing locations had interrupted the flow and getting it going again was akward. While Larry and I rapped and tried to relax, my lady stripped except for garters and hose and laid down on the bed. She suggested we strip too. I got the camera and played with my stiff cock as Larry undressed and joined her on the bed. He climbed up between her parted legs, his black cock sticking out like a club. He rubbed his big tool thru her tangled pubic hair, brushing it against her wet pussy lips. But he didn't stick it in her. He moved higher on the bed, dragging his cock along her stomach and up her chest. He rubbed his stiff tool against her swollen nipples and along the hollow of her neck.

As he rubbed his cock along the underside of her chin, she tucked her head and let him slip it into her mouth. She sucked him like there was no tomorrow - like she wanted to swallow every inch. She went down on his black cock like the whore he thought she was. It was so arrousing, I got off all over myself.

But they were just getting started. After watching my wife suck his dick for awhile, Larry slid back down between her legs and stuck it in her pussy. He shoved it all the way in with the first thrust and all hell broke loose. Nothing turns my sexy little woman on like a first time guy sticking it all the way in like that. She got off instantly! And then she started moving her hips and lifting her ass up off the bed so he could get even more of his big black cock inside her. She was really hot and she wanted it all!

Thru the camera lens, I watched his big cock stretch and fill my wife's white pussy like mine never had. I watched her thrill to the size of it and respond to its presence inside her. I saw her needing it, wanting it. But most of all I saw her taking it.

Larry put both hands on my lady's soft white ass cheeks, holding her tight so she couldn't escape the huge black salami he was driving in & out of her equally white pussy. Again and again he rammed that big pole into her wetness. She got so hot she had another orgasm. But he didn't stop. He kept fucking her and fucking her until she was lifting him off the mattress in her frenzied response to the pleasure he was giving her.

Watching her surrender completely to that big black dick was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. I stopped taking pictures and just watched them for awhile. I stroked my own erection and thought about how exciting it had to be for Larry. Not just fucking a gorgeous white woman but fucking a gorgeous white woman with her husband right there watching. If I was black, white pussy couldn't be no better than that. And Larry felt the same way. He fucked my wife like a whore - and she gave him the pussy like a whore too - his whore!

I thought I'd die with delight when he buried every inch of his big, black cock inside her tight pussy and started shooting her full of juce. He kept his cock all the way inside her for several minutes. When he did pull out and get up off the bed, he left my wife laying there speadeagled with her pussy lips stretched apart and his cum dribbling out between them. I've never wanted to fuck her more than I did at that moment.

I quickly took his place between her legs. She was still wet with his cum. She lifted up to me as if my entry was merely a continuation of the fucking she had just been receiving from him. It was as if I became a part of their fucking, an extension of it. I hammered her as furiously as he had, pushing my cock all the way in her again and again.

When I saw the flush of her impending orgasm, I tried to push my cock all the way thru her, adding my lovejuices to those Larry had already left within her. I have never seen my wife so hot. She got off twice while I was fucking her and was still horny for more.

I left her spreadeagled on the bed with cum oozing out of her pussy just like he had and went to reload the camera. Larry got back on the bed with my still hot and still horny wife. He started feeling her up again, stroking her naked body up and down - fondling her breasts and teasing the nipples. When he started sucking her nipples, she got hot all over again. She wanted it. She told him she wanted it. He got between her legs and gave it to her. He gave it all to her.

This time he fucked her slowly, deliberately. He watched his black cock disappearing into the hairy triangle between her legs and was very pleased with himself. He liked fucking her with me watching him do it. It really fired him up. He started fucking her white pussy with a vengence. He was relentless in his attack, forcing every inch of his big tool into her tight pussy again and again, stretching and filling her like she had never been filled before.

She told me afterward that she was caught up in the same "whore" fantasy he was and she opened herself completely to her black lover. She was his whore in every sense of the word.

She lifted her hips rythmically and murmured with pleasure as Larry stuck it all the way in her again. "Fuck me!" she hissed between clenched teeth. "Fuck my white pussy! Take it! TAKE IT!" Her frenzy became my frenzy became his frenzy and so on until it was like the three of us were joined together - like we were all connected, all having the same feeling at the same time in the same way.

My wife's orgasm was so powerful, she almost threw Larry off the bed as she arched up, lifting them both into the air. The red flush on her face and neck spread down to her breasts and even onto her stomach as she strained and quivered against Larry's hardness. When he buried his cock inside her and started shooting off, I started shooting off too. All three of us got off at the same time. It was marvelous.

When my wife finally relaxed underneath him, her collapse was so complete she didn't even seem to be conscious at first. Then, when she did come around, she had this Cheshire cat look of complete satisfaction on her face. I couldn't help feeling a little bit jealous. After that, I couldn't wait to get Larry out of our room. I wanted her all to myself.

After he left, we made love over and over the rest of the night. It was like it was when I first came home from prison. We couldn't get enough of each other. If it hadn't been for the crank, we would both have perished from nervous exhaustion. I'm sure of it.

We stayed over and went back to the PLAYGROUND the next night but we never really got into it. There were several couples there and it might have been really fun, but we just couldn't get ourselves together for it. We were having too much fun talking and reliving our night with Larry. We fucked non-stop for several days after that & we still get hot & horny when we think about that night. It was fabulous!

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