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My Encounter With Ken & Lori All Rights Reserved

Hi, My name is Robert, a.k.a bigblkone. First I'd like to say that Ken and Lori are the most honest and real people I've meet on the net. Ken himself is one down to earth guy he really knows how to make a person feel comfortable. And Lori (Whew!!!) what can I say, this lady is great! If any of you guys out there heard of the saying "she can suck a golf ball through a straw" this lady can do it! A lovely lady with a special talent in pleasing a man.

The meeting took place after some changing of e-mail and laying down some ground rules to which I understood because of the type of people out on the net. Lots of people out in Dark Cavern just tell stories and want to exchange pics.

The meeting was set on a Friday at 8:30pm, a certain location where I was to meet Ken and Lori. I was there about 8:20 what can I say I was pretty excited. Ken arrived alone after explaining what happens. I gave him the info and he then went to make a phone call...then off we went to the house.

After waiting for about 10 min, I then went to ring the doorbell, Ken answered welcoming me into their home and BOOM!!!... It hit me... LORI!!!... The lovely lady from Dark Cavern! Now I'm thinking to myself is this really happening! Now don't get me wrong, I've been with married white women before....but here I was getting ready to be filmed being serviced by this lovely creature! In front of her husband... now in a group setting that's pretty easy because there a bunch of guys and you don't have to perform as good, but when alone it's a different story! And it doesn't really help getting yourself off before the meeting either.

Well getting straight to the point, (Oh you heard this from Ken)...So let me tell you what happened. Lori came over sitting next to me on the love seat...we began with some kissing then some fondling, then Lori got up to undress and I'm thinking, damn this woman really looks good! Wearing those sexy stockings.

Now sitting again we begin kissing, then I reach down with my mouth to suck one nipple into my mouth...I then proceed to undress myself. I then sit back down and start kissing this lovely lady again then she's starting to go down on me with that lovely mouth of hers...Ken comes out and takes some pics....And I'm thinking wow!...this is out of this world! She's doing such a job on me that I have to think about something else. And true there was some stage fright I must admit that.

After about 20mins of Lori giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life....My body stiffens and I release probably one of the biggest loads in my life!!!!...I'm thinking this woman is outstanding!!!! I'm totally drained dry by this woman with her very hot mouth!!!! To make a long story short, I'm spent!!! energy what so ever!!! I'm down for count. But after this encounter I was thinking, this all happened because Ken and Lori are real and honest, there is no other way to meet with good quality people if you are not honest. I hope soon there will be another encounter Ken Lori and the people out in dark Cavern will the first to know! So please print this and let all know that Ken Lori are real swingers!

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