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Black Fantasy Fulfilled All Rights Reserved

My name is Krysta, I am a 28 year old white female who has recently fulfilled a fantasy. I have been married for 5 years now and my sex life has deteriorated to almost zero, as my husband never seems to be interested in having sex. For the past several years, even prior to my marriage, I had been fascinated by black men. During those years I was too afraid, for several reasons, to attempt to get it on with any, but I did have a fairly active sex life. My problem was that I did not enjoy sex with my partners. I always fantasized about having sexual intercourse with a black man instead.

A few weeks ago I finally conquered my fears when an attractive black man came on to me. I was visiting my sister in another city (my husband wasn't with me). Samantha and I went to a club for a few drinks and to do some dancing. Sam started chatting with this black guy and eventually they went off to dance. I was left sitting with his very handsome friend. We had several drinks and danced together for three hours. We were petting pretty heavily and he asked me to come home with him. I had never cheated on my husband, but the drinks and the thought of making love to this beautiful ebony stud was getting to me. When we ended up at his place, I was literally quivering in anticipation. We started kissing and in no time we were naked. I gasped at the sight of his cock. It was about nine inches long and really thick, the largest I'd ever seen. He wasted no time rolling on top of me. To our mutual unhappiness, he couldn't get his cock's thick head into my pussy. He started to eat me out, and after I had two quick orgasms, he tried to fuck me again. Finally, after a couple of frustrating minutes, he got his cock in. I remember letting out a terrific squeal. I was beautifully stuffed. The pain soon faded into incredible pleasure, but even though the pain subsided, I never lost my awareness of his incredible size as we fucked. I came several times that evening and so did he.

I am planning to take on a new black lover, however my attraction to black men appears to be only physical and I have no intention of leaving my husband.

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