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Megan's Date with Blackboss

We are a prominent upper class white couple who started swinging 2 years ago. But we wanted something different and Megan brought up the subject of a blackman who she would like to try - said his name was BLACKBOSS and I had no clue as to who he was so she showed me his ad on your site. I told her I was not to sure of this idea, after all we have never been with any blacks before in our swinging days but she kept on at me and said this is the man she wants to fuck her next. So this is our story.

I e-mailed Blackboss and suggested a meeting with him, 1 on 1, before I let him meet Megan. It took 3 days before he returned our mail and to my surprise he wrote "If you are serious about this, have your fuckslut at a motel in Conyers, Ga. about 25 mins. outside Atlanta at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday." I told Megan no, this is crazy, going to fuck someone we have never met but she said that's all she has been thinking about and that she re-reads his ad everyday and fantasizes about him and her, so after all this I agree to it.

When we arrive and knock on his door we were both nervous and a little scared not knowing what to expect. He opens the door and said get in here slut. We walk in slowly and look around as I walk in, to see if we were alone and I have to admit I am scared. This is one big black man, real dark, about 6'6''. He shuts and locks the door behind us and walks over to me and said sit down, so I sit down as directed and Megan is just standing there. As I watch her I can see her shaking, she is so nervous, then he grabs her and kisses her and puts his hands up her mini dress and rubs her pussy. Then he looks at me and said "like this cocksucker, you like your woman kissing a black man?"

I didn't know what to say, I just said yes and then for no reason he came to me and said, "you say yes sir, Blackboss!" He scared me even more. I wanted to tell Megan, come on and lets leave but I was too scared to say that even so I said, "yes sir, Blackboss" and then he returned over to Megan and kissed her again and the shocking part came when he looked at me in the eyes and said "get your sissy-ass over here and pull her clothes off boy." So I approached her and as she looked at me I could tell she was hot as hell but scared at the same time and I was afraid not to do as he said. But what followed was even worse. As I pulled her clothes off he told her, "rub my dick, bitch" and so she started rubbing his dick. I could tell she was getting hot and then he stepped back, pulling his clothes off and looking as I undressed her and then he laughed and said "get her ready, white boy."

As he pulled his underwear off out flopped the biggest dick I'd ever seen, solid black and big - real big. Megan looked at it and said "damn" and I knew that this was going to be a night to remember. I was through pulling off her clothes so I thought I was through and backed away when he grabbed me and startled me and said, "where you going, boy" and with the other hand he grabbed Megan and said, "on your knees cunt" and so she did and still shaking and trembling, we both wondered what was going to happen next with Megan on her knees, his big black dick sticking out at her face and balls the size of oranges.

He said "suck it off cumslut and you white boy, get down here too" and then he took my hand and put it on her head and pushed his big dick toward Megan's mouth and she greedily opened it for him and then he said, "jack off my dick while your slut sucks it."

I just looked at him like he was crazy then he grabbed my throat and said, "now white boy." I wanted to get Megan out of there but like I said, that was one big man so I just said, "yes sir Blackboss" and then he told Megan not to touch his dick. He ordered me to slide her head back and forth as I jacked it off. It felt so strange touching another man's dick but I grabbed her head and then his big black dick and started moving her head as I jacked off his dick.

I felt helpless as I looked at Megan but did as I was ordered and then he grabbed my hand and said, "faster boy, ram that dick down her throat, make her gag." I grabbed her head and pushed her down on his dick until she gagged. I just kept on as I was ordered. Megan was helpless but I was starting to like it.

Then he blurted out, "come on boy, you wanted to watch your slut wife suck nigger dick. Jack-it boy, jack-it, fill her belly up with my black seed." Pumping on his dick and his big black balls flopping back and forth, my dick was rock hard. I found myself loving this, helping my wife suck off her first black dick. She was licking it, sucking like a slut dog in heat and then Blackboss started grunting and I could tell he was about to cum and then he said, "Make her swallow boy! Make her swallow it all down. Let her head off my dick until I empty my nuts in her belly" and she was more than eager for his load and all of a sudden, here it comes, steam after stream of black baby juice out of his dick and she was swallowing as fast as she could but not fast enough as he kept on grunting and more cum and more cum. It was leaking all over my hand as I jacked his load down her throat. And then he was through and she was a mess, cum all over and down her face. It was wonderful, this was fun, I wasn't scared anymore and then he said, "kiss her" and pushed us together and held our heads together and Megan deep tongued me and I could smell the pungy smell of cum and it was my first taste of cum.

After the kiss he looked at Megan and said, "say thank you Blackboss." Megan replied, "thank you Blackboss." He said, "tell your sissy-ass husband how much you like my nigger juice in your white belly." Megan looked at me and said, "I love Blackboss's cum in my white belly."

I was startled that we just did all this so then he ordered Megan to the bed by saying, "on the bed, cunt and spread wide for your new black daddy" and I think Megan couldn't wait for that big black dick. She has never had a dick that big, much less a black one, because it didn't take her long to get on the bed and spread for him, waiting like a slut.

He climbed on to the bed and crawled between her legs and and I was awed at the sight of that huge dark black cock aimed at her open cunt. I pulled out my dick and started stroking it and then she said, "where's the rubber" and he said, "Blackboss don't use rubbers" and she said, "oh no, we have to have a rubber, I don't have any other way of birth control" and he started pushing his dick in her and then she said, "Mike, make him put on a rubber."

He just kept pushing his dick in her as I listened to her start moaning. He slammed his dick hard in her, I was so excited at the sight of this black man fucking my wife and then she said, "Mike please make him stop and put on a rubber, please you know I will get pregnant" but I wasn't about to try and stop him. I just said, "fuck the rubber" because I wanted to see him shoot his load deep inside her as I stroked my dick.

By now she had forgotten about the rubber too because her white ass was in perfect rhythm with his black ass, slamming her into the bed. They fucked like pigs then to my surprise, Megan looked at me as I was jacking off and said, "fuck me black daddy, empty your big black nuts in my belly, make me pregnant, come on black daddy, plant your black seed in me" and started humping his big dick and then I started cumming at the sight and what she just said got me off moaning and groaning.

Megan was in heaven, she loved his big dick and then he started grunting and stopped fucking and I knew he was near and then I watched his nuts moving back and forth and I knew he was planting his black baby juice in her womb and he lay on top for what must have been 10 mins.

Then he pulled out and I could see the cum racing out her wide open pussy and down her ass and I mean a lot of cum. I never knew a man could cum that much but it was a pretty sight and to my surprise, Megan blurted out, "thank you black daddy."

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