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The Bride
By Magus (Copyright 2001)
A Magus Night Crew Gangbang

© All Rights Reserved

Part I

The just wedded supermarket manager and his blonde, beautiful, 20 year old wife, pulled up in front of the market at 11:O'clock on the night they were married. He had received an emergency call only minutes after he and his new bride had departed the reception hall.

"Do we really have to stop?" asked his bride. "It is our wedding day."

"It's on the way to the airport," said the 35-year-old store manager. "It won't take long."

He gazed lovingly at his innocent young wife, admiring her full lips and high cheekbones, her long golden blonde hair. The knowledge that they would soon be sharing the same bed quickened his heart and he swallowed hard. They had agreed not to have intercourse this week despite the fact that it was their honeymoon. But his bride was ovulating and they didn't want to start off their marriage with children. Somehow they had kept their relationship chaste all through their long engagement, which was fine by him. They had never even done much more than kiss, and he was glad - it thrilled him that she was coming to him in marriage a complete virgin.

Inside the store, the four black Night Crew members gathered around the security camera that was aimed at the parking lot. They had a clear view of the newlyweds. Their eyes glazed with lust as they followed the gorgeous blonde bride. She was wearing a pink scoop-neck tee shirt that outlined her medium-sized tits and a pair of white shorts that stopped just below her crotch, revealing such a wonderful extension of leg that it made the four men whistle and hoot. Even in the lights of the parking lot, her pure white skin shone like a beacon.

"It worked," laughed the Night Crew Leader, a six-foot-six inch, 240lb black man with skin as dark as coal. "That asshole store manager would rather check on the store than fuck his bitch!"

All four of the tall, powerfully built black men laughed. They had set up the plan to rape the store managers young fiancée from the first time they set eyes on her a week ago, when she had met her future husband in at the market after work. She had been wearing the same pair of shorts as she wore tonight, a shapely five-foot five-inch piece of gorgeous white pussy. They took bets that night as to whether or not she still had her cherry, the consensus being that she still did, and the thought of not only raping the bride-to-be, but also deflowering her tight white pussy, drove the crew into such a state of sexual hunger that in the nights proceeding they frequently had to stop work and run to the backroom to jack off.

"So what's the problem?" the store manager asked the Leader, who met at the front of the store. The white man used an officious tone of voice, trying to impress his young bride.

"You'll see in a minute," said the hulking black man.

He led the store manager and the young blonde into the backroom where the other three crew members were waiting for them. Their eyes burned with desire when they saw the innocent bride in the flesh. They visually devoured her, from her pretty high heel clogs, up her slender well toned calves and creamy white thighs, to her narrow waist and firm up thrust tits. Her pretty face featured the sweetest mouth, with a lower lips that were pouty and bow-shaped, and her long blonde hair which was still done up in her wedding day perm. They couldn't wait to defile every inch of this sweet white prize that had been brought to them like a lamb.

"Well?" demanded the store manager. "I don't see anything wrong!"

Two of the three Night Crew suddenly grabbed him from behind.

"What are you doing?" shouted the bride, as the third worker gripped her arms and propped her up. In his powerful grip she was unable to move, but she tried her best to wriggle free.

"What the hell-" gasped the store manager as the other workers held him in place, laughing.

The leader came up to his face. "Want to know what's wrong? It's wastin' this prime grade 'A' pussy on your sorry ass. How 'bouts it cutie?" He turned to the trembling blonde, rubbing the front of his pants. "You wants t' get stuffed with black meat?"

"What are you talking about?" she stammered. "What's happening? Please, you're hurting my arms."

"Youse gonna be hurtin' a lot more places after we rape you!" growled the leader, walking over to her and twisting ringlets of her long blonde hair in his fingers.

"No!" shouted the store manager, helpless in the grip of the two six-foot-three inch workers holding him. "Leave her alone!"

Terror filled the young bride's eyes as the word rape burned in her ears. They couldn't be serious! She had just gotten married! She had gone to the altar pure, her precious hymen intact! She had never even seen a man's penis before. She had to reason with them.

"Please don't," she whimpered. "I'm a virgin, I just got married."

The Night Crew's reaction was exactly the opposite of what she had hoped. They howled with joy, high-fiving each other and staring at her like she was shark bait. The store manager struggled in vain. He knew his naïve bride had said the worst possible thing.

"You all keep away from her!" he screamed.

"I'm tired of lissenin' to you," said the Leader. "We's gonna bust yo' new brides cherry and you's gonna watch!"

"Bastards! You're all fired!" shouted the store manager.

The blacks laughed in his face. They ordered him to strip naked and when he refused, one of the pulled out a box-cutter and held it to his throat. Frightened, he quickly removed his clothes. When the night crew saw his soft, out-of-shape body, they made fun of him. They pointed to his thin penis, shriveled to the size of a pecan from his fear, and they joked about how little it was.

The young bride stared at her grooms penis. It was the first time she had seen a man's sex organ and she couldn't help wondering why she had been so nervous about her first sexual experience. She had been afraid that it would be painful, but now she felt a twinge of relief, her husband's penis looked so harmless, barely an inch long. She guessed that the stories about virgins feeling pain when they lost their hymens was just an old wives tale. Then he mind returned the terrible reality of her position and she trembled at the idea of having 4 black men even touch her body. She started sobbing uncontrollably.

"Shut up, bitch!" snapped the leader. Pointing to the store manager, he ordered him into the baler, which stood against the wall. The crew had emptied it of trash earlier in the evening in preparation. The leader believed that strict planning was the key to a successful gang rape. Now the opened the heavy iron door and forced the struggling husband inside. They closed it tight and lowered the cage, locking it from the outside. The store manager was only a few yards away from his frightened bride, but he was helpless to do anything.

The leader turned to the shaking bride with a wide grin. The crew loved it when he toyed with their white victims, as he was about to do.

"Please don't rape me!" she begged.

"I'll consider it," said the leader. "But only if you strip!"

"What? Oh . . . God . . . I can't do that."

The leader walked over to her and roughly grabbed the collar of her pink tee-shirt. "Either you strip or I'll rip these clothes off you. But to show you I'm a nice guy, I'll make it sporting'. If we isn't able to get it up just by lookin' at you naked, then you's free to go. What you say?" He gave her a toothy grin. He could tell by the flash of hope in her eyes that she actually thought there might be a possibility of walking away with her hymen intact.

The virginal bride was confused and frightened. The thought of taking her clothes off in front of the four black men petrified her, yet the leader was giving her a way out.

"Oh, God," she whimpered in desperation, looking back and forth at the men. "Okay, okay, I'll do it."

"Good," said the leader. "Jus' to show you we isn't cheating, we'll whip 'em out so y'all can keep an eye."

All four men undid their pants and lowered them with their shorts.

"Oh! My! God!" the bride gasped when she saw the size of their thick, dangling members. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she stared. Each man's penis hung halfway down to his knees! They looked like thick black automobile hoses, every one at least seven or eight inches long!

The store manager stared speechlessly from inside the baler. Their cocks were several inches bigger than his own when he was erect, and they were still flaccid - although he could tell several were at half-mast already. Unlike his naïve bride, he held little hope that they would abide by the rules of the game. And even if they did, how could she possibly win? What would it take for their nigger cocks to get fully erect? A glimpse of a soft white tit? A fertile, flat belly? A creamy thigh? God, if she was wearing a thong it would be a lost cause. He shook the cage with both hands, screaming for them to stop, but everyone ignored him.

"Start stripping bitch!" ordered the leader.

The bride bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes tight and slowly peeled off her pink top, revealing her lacy bra and creamy, well toned stomach. With her eyes still closed, she undid her lacey bra and let it drop to the dirty cement floor, immediately covering her breasts with her arms criss-crossing. She was afraid to look, but curiosity got the better of her. She opened her eyes slowly.

Every black cock in the room was erect.

(end of Pt. 1)

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