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Car Trouble
copyright 2003 by Stormbringer

"Please, no," cried Vivian, shaking her cell phone. "Come on, come on." She kept trying as the battery low message flashed and then her phone went dead. This day had started out bad and was getting worse.

Vivian's boyfriend, John had tried to get her to go down on him last night, but she didn't care too much for oral sex or any sex out of the ordinary. She came from a very conservative Japanese-American family. The kind where the woman was supposed to lie still while the husband mounted her for a few minutes before rolling over and going to sleep. This led to countless arguments for Vivian to "loosen up and try new things" from her current boyfriend and several past ones. They'd had one such argument last night that had carried over into the morning.

Vivian left her house, tired from a lack of sleep and got in her Lexus to go to work. Her car started making a grinding noise just as she pulled into the office. She worked as a financial advisor and with the economy in the dumps, layoffs were expected. She took lunch around noon, finding it was pouring rain and she hadn't brought an umbrella. She also discovered, she'd been so tired and angry that morning, she'd forgotten her wallet and couldn't buy lunch. Vivian returned to work wet and hungry.

At quitting time, it was raining so hard, she was drenched by the time she got in her car. The grinding noise started almost immediately as she put the car in gear. Vivian decided to make a mad dash for home. There was a shortcut she usually avoided through a bad section of town. She took it. She should of known better.

Vivian looked at her dead cell phone and started crying. The grinding noise had gotten so loud, pedestrians were staring at her and finally she pulled the car over. "Get yourself together, girl." Vivian sobbed, but quit crying. "Lord, please help me," she prayed.

Vivian thought her prayers were answered. As she opened her eyes, a black beamer slowly drove past her car. The driver was a young black man, barely out of his teens. Despite the rain, he was wearing shiny sunglasses and a black do-rag. The bass from his stereo shook her car as he passed. He pulled up to a garage door just a few buidlings down from her and honked his horn twice. The door opened and he drove inside. Vivian caught a glimpse of several cars and men working on them before the door closed.

A garage! She was saved. Vivian winced as she put the car in gear and the noise sounded. She pulled up to the door and honked her horn twice. The door opened and a black teen in a grease covered tee shirt stared at her. "What you be wanting?" he yelled.

"I'm having car trouble," she yelled through the rain, her face getting wet in the process.

"We're closed. Go away."

"Please, my car's not going to make it."

"You heard me beeyutch. Get the fuc..."

"BRADLEY! That's enough," barked another black man in greasy overalls.

"Man, it's Bman. Don't you be calling me no Bradley," griped the youth going back to work on his car.

Vivian sighed with relief. This man was older. "Thank god, a mature adult," she whispered. "I was hoping you could look at my car."

"I don't need to. It's not working," grinned the black man. "Drive it on in."

The man stepped asside and Vivian pulled her car into the warehouse. The older black man gazed out into the street, then lowered the garage door.

"Damn!" The black youth in the bmw had gotten out of his car and was staring at Vivian as she stepped out of her Lexus. She was wearing a white blouse that was so soaked, it hugged every curve on her petite body. Vivian had one of those thin bodies you usually see on those of Asian descent.

I'm Lou," said the older man. "That's Fish and you met Bradley."


"Vivian Suzuki."

"A tight fit and a hard ride."

"Excuse me, Lou?"

Suzukis. If you gotta have a rice burner, I prefer Honda motorcycles."

"Oh, I'm not related. Now, how about my car?"

"Fish, why don't you take care of this pretty lady's car for her?"

"Sure thing, boss."

"Why don't you follow me into my office," said Lou.

Vivian followed the black man to the back of the warehouse. It wasn't much of an office. It was just a corner of the warehouse partitioned off. An old stained couch was on one wall while some boards on two barrells served as a desk. "May I use your phone?" she asked.

"Sorry, it's not hooked up. This is only a temporary location as I'm sure you can see."

"Just my luck. Is there a pay phone nearby?"

"Couple blocks, but a bunch of gangbangers hang out around it. You're much safer here with us."

"Oh, by the way, there is a problem. I left my purse at home this morning."

"Are you saying you don't have any money?"

"Sorry, but I can pay you tomorrow or charge it over the phone."

"Excuse me a moment." Lou got up and walked out to talk to his assistants.

Vivian wrinkled her nose as she leaned back on the dirty couch. She could hear the black men arguing out in the garage. Suddenly, one raised his voice. "Who dat fucking bitch think she is?"

Lou came close to the room before turning around and yelling back at his workers. "You boys lock the doors, some of the gangbangers are outside." Dirty couch or not, Vivian was suddenly thankful to be inside off the street. Lou however did not look hapy when he came back. "There is a problem Miss Suzuki," he said. "Bradley has already started fixing your car. He's not happy you can't pay him."

"I can pay him later."

"No, that's not acceptable. If you can't pay us, we're going to push your car out on the street. You can find your own way home."

"But it's dangerous out there?"

"You should of thought of that before giving us the go ahead to fix your car. We're tired and want to go home anyway. Just thought we'd help out a damsel in distress. You know what I'm saying? And here you go disrepecting us. I'd appreciate it if you'd leave now."

"Wait, you can't send me out there. Just get me to a phone and I'll get my boyfriend to bring me the money. How much is it going to be?"

"Three hundred so far."

"Oh, I didn't think it would be so much."

"It might be more. Bradley, thinks it''s your transmission which could run into thousands."

The events of the day finally caught up to Vivian and she broke down crying. "Please, there has to be something I can do? I can't afford this right now."

"Aw, you poor thing," said Lou. He came over and sat beside her, putting his arm around her shoulders. Lou's arm was thick and muscular and he pulled her into his equally thick and muscular chest. "There, there. Now the three of us are partners, though I run things. I'd be willing to let my third slide, but you'd still owe the boys a hundred each."

"You'd do that for me?" Vivian looked hopefully up at the older black man.

"Well, I'm a working slob myself. I got mouths to feed and all that. You'd have to make it worth my while. You know what I'm saying?"

"I don't know what your saying?"

"You see, I got this thing for Asian chicks. I figure a blow job would convince me."

Vivian sat up, pulling herself out of his arms. "You can't be serious?" Vivian could tell by the look on Lou's face he was dead serious. "I'm not a whore. What kind of a man are you?"

"A businessman. Look, it's merely a proposition. If you don't like it, feel free to leave."

"Could you walk me to a phone?"

"I'm not going out there this time of day." Lou gently grabbed Vivian's arm. "Look," he said, "just be clinical about it. Pretend I'm your boyfriend." He brought her arm over and placed her hand right on his bulge.

Vivian reflectively squeezed it in shock. Lou felt a lot bigger then her boyfriend or anything else she was used to. The thin material of his overalls was stretched so much, she thought his penis might rip through it at any minute. Vivian felt her nipples growing hard with excitement and she knew they would be quite visible through her bra with her wet blouse clinging to her body. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth with embarrassment hoping he wouldn't notice. She didn't do blow jobs. This was one of the reasons she'd argued with John last night about her loosening up. However, she was filled with a curiosity to see what this man's penis looked like. "Can I see it?"

Lou stood and removed his overalls. "Be my guest." He was wearing slacks and a tee shirt.

Vivian slid her hand up his crotch to the buttons on Lou's slacks. She unbuttoned them. "Oh my!" The pressure from his growing penis was so great, his zipper started opening all by itself, like a ghost was pulling it down. Vivian spread his slacks open. His underwear was old and stained. The head of his penis was near the top and it alone looked as big as her boyfriend's nutsack. Vivian reached out and grabbed the end of his underwear, pulling it out and down. "That can't be real," she whispered.

Lou sighed with relief as his penis was freed. "It's real, baby. Feel it for yourself."

Vivian grasped his penis and felt it grow in her hand until it was a steel hard shaft as big as her wrist. Lou's skin was a dark brown, but his dick was blacker. The head was covered by a dark wrinkly foreskin which she pulled down. The head that emerged was reddish brown, lighter then the shaft and as big as a golf ball.

"Never seen one that big I take it?"

"No sir, it's twice the size of my boyfriend's." John's was around six inches she guessed and kind of skinny. Lou's was fat, hard, and around a foot long.

"That's a black cock your holding."

A black cock! Vivian's father came to mind. He accepted, but disapproved of her dating white men. He'd die of a stroke if he knew what she was holding now and contemplating doing with it. Vivian stroked it a couple times, watching her petite hand slide up and down the hard shaft. She bent over and licked the head.

"That's a good girl," said Lou, "Make it worth the hundred dollars."

"Fine, just don't cum in my mouth." Vivian took the head in her mouth and sucked on it. Lou was big, very big. She almost wished she'd practiced more on John's smaller penis. Lou's cockhead alone seemed to fill her mouth. The tip pushed against her throat and she gagged, spitting it out. Lou cupped the back of her head and brought her mouth back over to his angry looking cock. The head had fully emerged from the foreskin now and was shiny and wet. He pushed it back into her mouth.

Vivian relaxed her throat and managed to swallow the head before she felt herself gagging again. Lou held her head in place. He pushed more of his cock down her throat. Vivian felt her throat stretching open around the huge cock. It was choking her as it pushed deeper. Finally, when she felt her air running out, Vivian remembered her nose. She exhaled, then breathed fresh air into her lungs. Her throat grew used to the big black cock and Lou pulled back thrusting forwards again. Vivian held still watching his pubic hairs coming closer and closer to her nose as he bucked his hips on the couch.

"So far this aint been worth no hundred dollars. I'm doin all da work," said Lou removing his hand from her head.

Leaning over on the couch was hurting her back, so Vivian released his cock. She got off the couch and kneeled between his spread legs. Lou took the opportunity to remove his shirt. Vivian couldn't help being impressed with his chest. His pecs and abs were hard and clearly defined. His knobby cockhead rested on the top of his sixpack abs, sticking straight up. Vivian grabbed the base and pulled it down into her mouth. She held the head in her mouth as he lifted his hips and she pulled his pants off. His balls were sized to match his cock and they splayed out on the couch between his legs.

Vivian found this position easier and was soon bobbing her head slowly over his cock. She looked up to see if he was enjoying it. Their eyes met and Vivian felt a shiver expand through her body. His stare was intense, seeming to say this is where you belong, on your knees sucking my big black cock. Vivian broke eye contact, her gaze traveled down his bull neck taking in his muscular arms spread along the back of the couch, his broad chest, his rock hard stomach, gray-black pubic hair, and the root of his thick cock, the shaft traveling towards her face, disappearing in her mouth. Vivian shivered again and started trying to please him. She swallowed more and more cock into her whore mouth until her nose pushed into his pubes.

Vivian couldn't handle the entire cock for long. She settled for jerking the base with one hand while sucking rapidly on about half his cock. Her other hand was gently kneading his balls. She heard a moan of contentment, but it wasn't Lou's, it was her own. She still felt like a whore, but it didn't feel wrong, it felt satisfying. She liked sucking his big black cock. A cock that seemed to be growing longer, thicker, hardening, jerking, pumping, spitting jet after jet of semen down her throat. Vivian pulled back, but Lou's hand appeared on her head again, holding her in place, while sperm filled her mouth. His cum's heat surprised her, but the taste wasn't as bad as she'd of guessed. She swallowed the hot fluid as fast as he pumped it out.

"Damn girl, that was worth the hundred bucks," said Lou. Vivian immediately felt very proud and pleased with herself. "Don't forget, you still owe Bradley and Fish money."

Vivian was still kneeling between Lou's legs, stroking his deflating, yet still impressive cock. "Do you think I could blow them too?" she asked.

"Hmm. Maybe, but you'll have to ask them. They're nice guys. I'm sure they'd be willing to help a hot girl like you out." Lou looked towards the door and yelled, "Yo Fish, get your ass in here." Fish came in still wearing his do-rag and reflective shades. He was smoking a sweet smelling ciarette that looked hand rolled. He didn't look all that surprised to see Lou naked with Vivian kneeling between his legs. "Fish, Miss Suzuki here has something she'd like to ask you."

Vivian thought Fish barely looked legal, eighteen maybe nineteen. Not a bad looking kid, muscular and wirey, but he did look like a thug with low riding, baggy pants and gold chains around his neck. "Fish...hi...I was wondering... Well, I'm tight on money right now. Lou just let me suck him off as payment for working on my car. I was wondering if I could do the same for you?"

"I don't know, you any good?"

"Miss Suzuki is a first class, grade A, cocksucker, bro," said Lou, pulling his pants back up.

"Shit, I aint had me no blow job for awhile. I guess you could sucks me. You like sucking black cock?"

Vivian hesitated, then looked him in the eye. "Yes," she said.

"Good, cause I like having my black cock sucked and it aint never been done by no hot white bitch."

Crude, Vivian thought and she wasn't white, but she just nodded. "Bring it on over."

"No, you want it so bad, you come get it."

Vivian walked on her knees over towards the black teen. She undid his pants, finding herself looking forward to seeing what his cock looked like. She wasn't disappointed. She bent down and took the head of Fish's rapidly hardening cock in her mouth. Fish was smaller then Lou, maybe nine inches, but thicker and circumcized. She bobbed her head over the shaft, using her hands to yank his pants down to his ankles.

Vivian deep throated Fish's cock to the root, the extra thickness making her want to gag again. She pulled back until the head was in her mouth so that she could swirl her tongue around the crown. She looked up to see if he was enjoying it. Fish inhaled the cigarette and held the smoke inside his lungs. She suspected it might be marijuana. He coughed it out and stared into space while she did all the work. He did have a dumb grin on his face while she rapidly bobbed her head. "Fuck yeah," growled Fish still in his fantasy world. Vivian's mouth filled with more hot cum. His initial wad caught her off guard and she pulled her head back. The cock flew out of her mouth, jerking up and spurting a long strand of semen from her nose to her forehead. Vvian caught it back in her mouth and swallowed every remaining drop it pumped out.

Bradley was on his back adjusting something under the beamer. Vivian kneeled between his legs and placed her hand on his bulge. He jumped and banged his head. "What the fuck?" He slid out and stared a her surprised, then at the grinning faces of Lou and Fish standing behind her.

"I just gave your friends blow jobs in exchange for fixing my car. I'd love to do the same for you, Bradley."

"Fuck yeah," he said, not bothering to tell her to call him Bman.

Bradley was an older teen too. He seemed nervous and stared at her in awe as she undid his jeans. His cock was limp as she pulled it out. It plumped up a little as she touched it. Vivian swallowed the whole thing and held it in her mouth. That did the trick, Bradley overcame his shyness and his cock started growing. Vivian sucked it until it was completely hard, then pulled back to look at it. Brad was somewhere between Lou and Fish in length and size, maybe ten or eleven inches. He continued to lay on his back on the cement as she sucked him off. Bradley kept his neck arched so that he could stare at her in awe while she sucked his big black cock. Vivian winked at him as she bobbed her head. He didn't last long, but she swore his cock pumped out as much hot tasty sperm as both the other black men combined. She swallowed at least four mouthfuls. Vivian had swallowed so much sperm, she was no longer hungry from missing lunch.

Vivian winked at Brad who stared at her like a lovesick puppy. She stood and walked over to her car where Fish and Lou were working on it. Fish was removing at plate on her dashboard with a long number on it. "What's that?" she asked working her sore jaw around.

"'s your VIN number. I gotta runs it to makes sure this car ain't stolen."

"I understand," she said. There'd been a rash of stolen cars over the last month.

"Bad news," said Lou interupting. "It's your transmission."

Vivian felt her heart sink. "How much?"

"Three thousand."

"I can't afford that," she wailed. Vivian started crying again. "It's too much."

"I know, sweetheart," said Lou putting his arm around her shoulder. "Maybe we can work something out?" He steered her back towards his office.

"Like what, Lou?"

"I told you I liked Asian bitc...women. I'd be willing to drop my third if I can fuck you."

Vivian gasped. "Lou! I couldn't do that. I have a boyfriend. We're serious. I can't cheat on him."

"Just trying to do you a favor, sweetheart. I need the money more then I need to get laid, but you'd be worth every cent."

"Really? That's sweet. Even if I said yes, you're way too big for me. It'd never fit. Maybe, I could owe you ten more blow jobs?"

"No deal. We're moving out soon." Lou pulled his shirt up over his head. "It's now or never."

"I have a problem with cheating. I've had boyfriends cheat on me, so I know how it feels." Vivian watched him step out of his pants, then pull is underwear down. His cock sprang up nearly fully hard. "And like I said, you're way too big." Vivian was very impressed with Lou's physique. He had the best body she'd ever seen on a man, especially considering the fact he looked to be pushing fifty.

"Tell you what, lets see how much of it you can take. If you can't handle it, you'll just have to come up with the money. If I can fuck you, I won't cum in your pussy. That's not really cheating."

"It isn't?"

"Look, it's either black meat or hit the street."

"Alright, we can try, but don't you dare cum in my vagina. How do we do this?"

"You can start by taking off your clothes and do it slowly." Lou sat on the couch and started slowly stroking his cock.

Vivian was dressed business professional in a white blouse and black pants. Her blouse had dried and wasn't clinging to her body so much anymore. She tossed her shoulder length black hair back and started unbuttoning her blouse from the top down. "Sway your hips like your dancing," ordered Lou. Vivian didn't see anything wrong with this idea, so she started dancing in place as she pulled her blouse open and off her shoulders. "Pants first," said Lou as she went up to take her bra off. Vivian unbuttoned her pants and pulled the flap open revealing her panties. "Turn around and take them off." She turned and pulled her pants down bending so that her ass was pointed at the black man. "Turn around for me. I want to look at you." Vivian danced while slowly turning. Her underwear was plain, but small and tight so it looked sexy on her. Vivian's hips and bosom were both a size 32. Her cup size was only a B, but on her petite frame, her breasts were pronounced and impressive. "Now the rest of it." Vivian looked down her body as she unhooked her bra. She was surprised to see her nipples were rock hard and her panties were damp as she pulled them down. Lou's eyes were wide with lust as he stared at her nude body. "Girl, you are fine!"

"Thanks. How do you want to do this?"

"I want you to watch my cock pushing into you so come sit on the couch." Lou stood up and stepped asside. His cockhead touched her as she passed and Vivian felt a shiver run down her spine. No human woman could take such a beast, but if she did, it would save her a thousand dollars. Vivian was a bit prissy and she grimaced as she sat nude on the dirty couch. Lou kneeled before her and placed his big hands on her knees, pulling her legs apart. "Slide your ass off the couch." Vivian slid her body down the couch. She watched with trepidation as the big bulbous cockhead approached her crotch. The foreskin was stretched tight around the head which was slowly emerging as it got closer. Precum was pouring out of the pee slit.

Vivian jumped when Lou's cockhead touched her slit. He ran it up and down her labia and was shocked at the amount of lubrication coating where he touched her. Vivian may have been scared, but her pussy seemed ready and eager to go. Lou slid it up and down her slit a couple more times then started applying pressure. Vivian felt the huge head push hard against her pussy. He might as well have been trying to push his cock into her belly button for all the good it did. He pushed harder and harder. Vivian felt her pussy squirt a little, coating the head even more. Finally, just when she thought he should give up, her hole stretched around the head opening wider then it ever had before.

"Ugh," said Vivian and Lou together.

Lou rotated his hips to keep his cockhead juiced up. He worked it around a little then pushed another inch in. "God, it's big!" said Vivian staring at the thick shaft penetrating her. Lou pushed a little more in, every centimeter a struggle stretching her pussy wide. Vivian felt stuffed, but it didn't hurt. Instead, Lou's big black cock filled her so good, it was stimulating every nerve ending in her pussy. She actually started pushing down into it to get more in. She hadn't expected to enjoy it.

Lou met resistence with around half his cock in her. He started slowly fucking her. Lou would slowly pull back, then ram it forwards. His meaty battering ram forced it's way deeper then any man had been with it's relentless pounding. Vivian's eyes opened wide at a sudden surge of pleasure. She started bucking her own hips, fucking him back a little. "You like that dontcha?" asked Lou grinning and grunting as he pounded his cock forwads.

"Uh, uh, oh, yes, I like it. Real...good. Yes, real good. Oh, god, fuck me Lou. This is the best ever."

"Little whore likes her big black cock. Well, my big black cock likes your tight Asian pussy." Lou started pounding faster and harder. He hit a point where he didn't think he could get anymore in and he still had three inches to go.

"No more, too...big. Oh god, gonna cum. Your big black cock's making me cum. Ah, ah, aaahhh..."

Lou felt the additional lubrication coat his cock and he took the opportunity to sink the rest of his cock in her pussy. Vivian was still writhing with pleasure as her orgasm took possession of her body. Her body suddenly jumped with shock as pain mixed in with the pleasure. "Noooo, too big, yes, fuck yes, oh, it hurts, more, please fuck me more."

"It's those last few inches that's gonna hook you on black dick."

Vivian had to agree. She felt like a crazed sex addict. She was grabbing Lou's hips now trying to get him to fuck her harder after wrapping her long legs around his waist. She was slamming her pussy down hard into each thrust. Another orgasm started building promising to be even bigger then the last. Lou reached back and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs wide. His cock started pistoning into her like a jackhammer. When she came, it seemed to last forever. Her pussy would squeeze his cock, then expand around it, finally rippling like waves. The big orgasm stopped, but turned into a series of smaller orgasms exploding like fire crackers. Lou slammed his cock in hard and held it still. His big dick jerked inside her and sperm coated her womb. Vivian's orgasms turned into a big one again, lasting as long as his cock continued to pump sperm into her pussy.


"Come on, do it?"

"I will not," said Vivian feeling like a whore. She was squatting over a small trash can wondering if she'd ever get all of Lou's sperm out of her pussy.

"Do it, it's funny." Lou stood up off the couch and started dressing.

"It's offensive."

"If you want the boys to fix your car for free, you'l do what I tell ya." Lou smacked her ass hard enough it stung. Vivian sighed.

It looked like Bradley had half her engine removed when she walked out to the garage. He looked up and dropped a tool when he saw her. Bradley stared appreciatively and hungrily at her nude body. Vivian took a deep breath and swallowed her pride. She grabbed a breast with one hand and her crotch with the other. "Ooo, me so horny. Me love you long time. Me love you all night long," said Vivian faking an accent.

Bradley gulped as Vivian grabbed him and led him back to the couch. Lou laughed as did Fish. "Yeah bitch, I'm gonna give you whats you needs," said Bman. Despite the trash talk, Bradley looked nervous and his face was as white as a black man could get. Vivian suspected he might be a virgin.

Vivian helped undress him, impressed as his big cock sprang up completely hard. These men seemed to have remarkable recovery rates. She pushed him down on the couch and straddled his lap. Despite her workout with Lou, Vivian felt a surge of lust as she guided her second black cock into her pussy. Both Vivian and Bradley moaned as she lowered herself over his cock. Bradley stared in awe at his dick disappearing into her pussy. "It's so hot," he murmured confirming her suspicions that he was a virgin. Vivian started bouncing rapidly in his lap.

"Yo, I aint gonna fuck ya after he does. You're gonna hafta pay me my grand." Vivian looked over her shoulder to see Fish standing there still wearing his sunglasses and do-rag. "oh oh, fuck me, Bradley" she said feeling another orgasm approach. "I, oh, I d-oh-n't have that kind of money, Fish. Oh yes, yes, yes. I love your cock, Bradley."

"Work that pussy, ho," said Bradley losing his shyness. He took his hands off her hips and grabbed her breasts. His hands were black with grease and left prints everywhere he touched her which was everywhere. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and tugged on them, fascinated with her milky breasts and pink nipples.

His hands were still squeezing her breasts when another pair of hands grabbed her butt cheeks. Vivian looked behind her to see Fish had removed all his clothes. He was bringing his cock up to her ass. "What are you doing?"

"Taking my payment in the only hole you got left," said Fish.

It reminded Vivian of taking Lou for the first time in her pussy. Fish's cockhead pressed hard against her anus, pushing it in until it reluctantly opened and the head forced it's way in. Brad's cock spurted just as Vivian's ass began to hurt. Brad hadn't lasted long, but he was good and having her pussy filled with black sperm again triggered another orgasm that sent her over the top.

Vivian slowly came to her senses aware of a great pain in her ass. Fish had taken advantage of the situation to push most of his cock in. Bradley's cock was still inside her pussy, but limp and spent. The pain was fading rapidly as her ass stretched to accomodate him. Fish started to move and she was thankful, he'd used something to lubricate his shaft. Each time Fish buried his cock in her ass, it forced her clit to rub against Brad's crotch stimulating her. Vivian started to like it.

Vivian pressed her clit hard into Brad as she pushed back into Fish. "You liking it now, bitch?" asked Fish. "You like having your ass stuffed full of black cock?"

"I love it. Fuck my ass. I love having your black cocks in me." Vivian felt Brad's cock coming back to life. It grew in her pussy, swelling and hardening until he was completely erect again. Amazing! Vivian was now getting fucked by two cocks at once. The sensations were incredible. She had orgasm after orgasm only vaguely aware when Fish's cock exploded filling her ass with sperm just as Bradley's cock emptied another load into her womb. Vivian blacked out.

Vivian awoke to pain again. This time it was in her stomach. She was bent over the back of the couch getting fucked again and the couch was pushing into her stomach. "What's wrong with the Lexus?" asked the voice fucking her.

Lou was standing dressed in front of her. "Nothing but a loose bolt," he said.

Vivian stared at Lou who just grinned, shrugged, and nodded. They had conned her into sex. Then she noticed something else strange. She could see Fish driving a car up into the back of a truck and Bradley was directing him. "Who are you?' she asked looking over her shoulder.

"I'm the truck driver." This man was very black and had a slight African accent. His cock too felt huge and it was quickly stimulating her to another orgasm.

These men had lied and tricked her. They'd used her for sex and gangbanged her. Instead of being upset, Vivian yelled, "I don't care, just fuck me, never stop fucking me. I love your cocks. Thank you."

"No, thank you for filling our quota," said the truck driver. Vivian didn't get it, but didn't care. These men had taught her to really enjoy sex and the orgasms were flowing again. She relaxed and drifted off into a world of sexual bliss.

Vivian awoke exhausted on the couch. Sperm was crusted on her lips, belly, and breasts which made her think they'd fucked her a few more times after she passed out. Plus, her ass was squishy with a fresh load of semen trickling out. Her body was covered with dried sperm and grease. She crinkled her nose distastefully at the mess as she began dressing.

The warehouse/garage was empty when she walked out of Lou's office. Not just empty of people, empty of everything. No black men, no tools, and no cars, including her own. The only thing left was a newspaper opened to the crime report. The headline read; car thefts continue. Vivian felt a sinking feeling as she realized who Lou and the gang really were. Her car being stolen was the perfect end to a horrible day. The sex however, had been incredible and she wasn't surprised to realize she'd do it all over again if given the chance. She was surprised when she walked outside.

It was dark outside now, probably pretty late and no longer raining. The streets were empty. There was no traffic, no gangs of drug dealers walking around ready to rape and mug her. What was waiting for her outside was her car. The Lexus sat waiting for her with the keys in the ignition.

Vivian started the engine and put the car into gear. It purred like a kitten. She drove off heading for home, to clean up before calling John to explain she'd had car trouble. She never knew why they didn't steal her car, but liked to think it was because she'd made four men very happy. What she did know was that John would be happy with all the new things she'd willingly do with him now.

But would she be happy with just him?

The End

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