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I wasn't always a hot little dick hungry slut. Inspite of a lot of experiences, sex to me was a one-sided affair, and it wasn't my side!!! I had the attitude that I could live without it. And giving head...FORGET IT!!! Maybe if the guy was lucky I'd touch his dick because they didn't ever touch me it was always climb on and climb off. Then I met the most wonderful man in the world...

He showed me everything about loving and caring and giving pleasure...He showed me pleasures I had never known existed, and he was so gentle, he made me cum countless times in a night (and day) everyday all day long. When we weren't at work we were fucking, we never slept. As the years went by he introduced me to more and more interesting things. Being a country girl and naive, everything was new to me. But the more and more I experienced and the wilder the experiences got, the more I wanted. So now after 5 years I have realized I am a Hot little dick hungry slut and love every minute of it and so does my husband...I can be Soooo BAD.

I was at work one night and noticed three customers had some big bulges and it made me so hot while they were telling me their order I was watching their bulges rise the whole time. It got my pussy started and when it gets started it takes over and I just hang on for the ride. When it got to the point I couldn't take it any longer, they told me I was done for the night and could leave I rushed out and got my sexy outfit I had just picked up from the cleaners. I had BIG plans for the ride home. My husband would love if I brought home a surprise.

A friend of ours is a black cop and you know what they say about black guys. We toyed with the idea of a threesome. We had a couple that was real GOOD. Now we thought I was ready to graduate to a BIG black dick. We had talked about it and I was sure hoping it was true about them.

As I was driving home I passed him sitting at his usual place and instead of just waving I stopped ...

I got out of the car and walked over to him. I was wearing my black mini-skirt, my white top that showed off my titties so well. As usual I had on black garter stockings and no panties and heels. My hair was down and my pussy was dripping with anticipation.

His eyes bulged out as I stepped out from the car. He said I looked so good there should be a law against it. He jokingly said he'd volunteer to perform the strip search on me. I told him he didn't need a law to do a strip search on me as long as he searched the right places with the right tools. I bent over and leaned in the window showing off some very nice cleavage, my top was so low cut it just barely covered my nipples, but they were so hard you could see them poking out anyway. He smiled real big and said the offer is tempting but I know you are a loyal wife and you and Steve have a great marriage. That's right, but, we like to act out our fantasies. It keeps our life, not to mention our sex life, very exciting. And one of them is I deep-throat him while a big huge dick is taking me from behind and sinking every inch of it into me until I scream. I see from the huge bulge rising in your pants you qualify for the first part. Can I persuade you to use it??? He asked me how was I going to do the persuading.

So I told him to open his door and I would give him a little taste. I stepped in the door way right beside his face and you know his face was right at pussy level. I put one foot on the inside of the car so my thigh would be raised a little and my skirt would slide back and show a hint of naked pussy, I started stroking my thighs and watching his eyes they never left my fingers so I traced a zig-zag line up my thigh and then back down and then I did little circles up to my pussy and watched as his eyes bulged out as my fingers slid into my pussy. I was having so much fun teasing him. I'm so bad I love it. Then I snapped back to my senses when he dove face-first into my pussy. This was just supposed to be a tease to lead him back to the house but, he was doing such a job on my pussy there was no way I was able to stop him.

When I was able to pull my pussy away after several orgasms, I then took his dick out of his pants and started toying with his dick with my tongue, it was huge, the biggest dick I had ever seen. I thought my husband's dick was huge, but this reached half way up his stomach, it was so thick I felt my pussy clamp down harder than ever and I actually came right then. I just had to see if I could get the big head inside my mouth. I licked around the head with my wet tongue and up and down the shaft. It was pulsing from the touch of my tongue and so I closed my mouth around it and sucked it in slowly. My pussy started clamping down again, that means it was wanting something hard and big to fill it up. So while I sucked up and down his shaft I took his hand and guided it to my very hot and very wet pussy. He started toying with my clit and sliding his fingers around it and around my pussy lips and I could hardly stand bent over like I was. Then he stuck his finger in my pussy, two fingers, my knees buckled from the great shock of such a good finger fucking while I was sucking dick.

All I could think of was sliding down on this big pole I was sucking on so I finally pulled away from this new toy I had found and I climbed up on his lap. I rubbed my hot pussy up and down the shaft of his dick it was so hard and big I couldn't wait another minute to feel him inside me...OH MY GOD!!!!!

Was all I could think of when the big head started spreading me open. The feeling was nothing like I'd ever imagined. I started pumping slowly and went down an inch or two with each stroke. My whole body was overwhelmed and trembling with excitement I just held on and kept stuffing that huge cock in my pussy. He grabbed me and the way his arms were trembling and his voice quivering I could tell it was pure ecstasy for him too. He said he never felt a pussy this tight before it had to be really hot to be able to handle his tool. As I was about half way down the tall rod I lost my balance and it was rammed all the way up inside my pussy. It filled me with so much so suddenly my whole body screamed with pleasure and I realized I was coming like I had never came before. My juices were just gushing out of my pussy and drenching his balls. My arms were up in the air and I was impaled on the big dick. After about 5 minutes of multiple orgasms I started pumping cause I knew this wonderful toy was going to last all night.

He stood up with me impaled on his dick and swung me around and put my ass on the fender of the car he held my legs up above his shoulders and started taking long strokes pulling the head just outside of my pussy enough for my pussy to scream for it to come back then he would stuff the whole thing back in up to his balls. I felt like it was going to come up the back of my throat. He fucked so good, he started fucking faster and I was seeing stars. He fucked me with a big dick like I have never been fucked before. After a very long time of continuous fucking I could tell he was getting ready to cum cause I felt his dick swell up inside of me like it doubled its size It felt like it could hardly move back and forth as he shot a huge load. Time and time again I could feel my pussy milking him for everything he was worth for what seemed like the longest orgasm for a man I have ever caused. He slowly pulled his dick out and I saw cum gushing out of me. I couldn't believe it, my pussy was having convulsions and was wanting more. The cop told me I would have to wait a few minutes til he could get it that hard again. He gave me his night stick and told me to show him how I would like my pussy to be fucked.

I thought why not I have vibrators at home this big and I love them all. So I started sliding the tip of it around my pussy lips as he watched. I was so hot I started fucking my pussy with the nightstick and it was a good pacifier. I had both hands on the end of it and ramming it deep into my pussy with fast hard deep strokes. He was standing there watching me as he stroked his dick. Suddenly a van appeared...

Here I am laying on the hood of the car, fucking my pussy with a nightstick, the cop is standing in front of me stroking his dick, we didn't care who was in the van, male or female we were hot enough to invite anyone who dared...Someone from the van yelled out " looks like you have a hot little slut there, do you need any help?" So I yelled back and told them we could use all the help we could get I just got fucked by a great big dick and it made my pussy want more. I got up and told everybody let's take this party back to my house so my husband could enjoy the fun too. As I walked over to the van I heard my cop friend say he would be over at the end of shift. He couldn't wait to get into that pussy again. I opened the door to the van and was surprised to see it was filled with guys. Hands reached out and pulled me in and I felt a hard dick slide into my pussy and right after I yelled out my address one was stuffed into my mouth. I knew what was about to happen so I just sucked it all in and went into dreamland.

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