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Long, Hard, And Full Of Semen 2
by Stormbringer

"Come on Ray, we're going to the beach," said Jenni knocking on his door.

"Cumming," grunted Ray just as a huge wad of semen flew up three feet from the end of his cock. The large strand of cum was close to five inches long. It did a somersault before colliding with his equally large second wad. The two wads fell with a splat on Ray's chest, soon followed by several more. Even when his cock quit shooting, sperm flowed down his shaft like lava flowing out of a volcano.

He cleaned the cum off and flushed the tissues down the toilet. He put his suit on and walked downstairs. Jenni was wearing sweat pants and a sexy, but modest bikini top. The pants hugged her hips perfectly showing off her belly and thin waist. She was packing lotion and other stuff into a big bag. "You look well rested for a woman who had wild sex all night," he said.

"Actually we went right to sleep," she said without looking at the black man.

"Shame, you'd think with only three weeks of leave, you'd try to get as much in as possible."

"You'd think that wouldn't ya," she replied looking both pissed and hurt as she finally turned to the black man and did a double take blatantly staring at his crotch for an uncomfortable moment. "You're wearing that?"

"Sure, it's my suit."

Ray was wearing tight panty style swimwear, like the kind swimmers or weightlifters wear. They were white and really drew attention to his crotch standing out against his black skin. His cock seemed to big for the suit, looking wadded up inside the material like he had stuffed a potato inside it. Make that three potatoes, his balls were equally as visible under the material.

Don't you want to wear a shirt or pants, it's an hour drive to Ocean City and we may have to walk a block to the beach."

"The sun already burned my people and there aint nothing on this body I aint proud of. I'd be doing a diservice to the ladies not to show them my goods. Bodies like mine shouldn't be covered up."

Jenni was inclined to agree. At that moment Mike walked downstairs wearing a hat, baggy shirt, and loose swim trunks. He was very pale from being on the sub so long, he was sure to get burned today. "You guys ready?"


Jenni was still horny. She was mostly silent the drive to the beach. Last night had been upsetting to say the least. She had practically attacked Mike the moment they got to the bedroom and he had been completely disinterested. She pulled down his pants surprised at how small his penis looked. She had seen it that small once after he had gone swimming in a cold pool. He had explained the concept of shrinkage to her, but it had never been that small prior to sex.

Mike had turned out the light from embarrassment and Jenni did everything she could to get him hard from sucking on it to tugging on it rapidly. Mike's normally proud six inch dick easily disappeared in her small cupped palm. Jenni had ended up masturbating and having a small unsatisfying orgasm as he slept beside her. His dick was no harder in the morning.

It didn't help that a giant black cock was riding in the seat behind her, Ray's large weapon just a few feet from her head. Ray probably never had trouble getting hard. The black giant had probably fed his big cock into every orifice on Diane's body just like the black porno stars did in "Sexual Reparations". A superior black cock was just what a horny white slut like herself needed. Jenni snapped out of her daydream and rolled the window down for some fresh air.

The beach was fun. Everyone, male and female stared at Ray as they walked from the parking lot to the beach. They set up camp and Ray whistled as Jenni pulled down the sweat pants, staring openly at her half-naked body. Mike turned a little red and looked pissed, but said nothing. "Nice," said the black man, " but there's one problem."

"Oh, what's that?" Jenni swore Ray's swimsuit was bulging out more then it had earlier.

"Too much material. Your figure deserves a smaller, skimpier bikini. I'd like to see you in one of those patriotic bikinis."

Now it was Jenni's turn to blush. Had Mike shown Ray her pictures? Oh god, not the nudes! Mike didn't look guilty, so she assumed it was coincidence. "Thanks I guess."

After that Ray left her alone the rest of the day. He spent more time with her husband. Whenever she looked up from her book, Ray was standing next to Mike or walking down to the water with him. It was hard not to make comparisons between the two standing so close together and Ray was the one who always came out on top. Ray flirted with every girl in a bikini that walked by from sixteen to fifty as long as they looked good. Ray often pulled Mike along with him as he hit on various women. Jenni should have been jealous and she was, but not with Mike. Instead, Jenni was jealous of Ray. Not one woman paid any attention to her husband as he stood beside Ray and Mike wasn't a bad looking guy. Ray's body and bulge got all the attention and Ray got a lot of phone numbers.

The three of them went in the water to cool off and playfully splashed each other. Ray scared her once, swimming under water and grabbing her ankle. Ray came up behind her and told her to hold her elbows tight against her sides. Jenni was standing on a sandbar as Ray put his palms on her elbows. The height was just right for his crotch to press against her ass under water. He pushed his plump cock against her ass just before he lifted her out of the water. Jenni flew through the air to splash in the water ten feet from where Ray stood. Jenni came up laughing, her ass still tingling from where Ray's cock had touched it.

They left the water and Jenni dried off. "Lets go get some drinks," said Ray.

"Alright," said Mike.

"You boys have fun," said Jenni wiping the towel across her face. "I'm gonna stay here and reeeaad..."

"What's wrong Jenni?" asked Ray looking down at her.

"N-nothing," Jenni went back to drying off. Ray had been standing right beside her chair, his crotch practicaly in her face. The white suit was clear when wet and she could see the huge outline of his cock and balls, his dark skin visible through the material. She could make out the hard crown of his cock head, the veins crisscrossing the shaft, and the mat from his pubic hair. It looked harder now then it had been earlier despite the cold ocean water and Jenni got a big thrill wondering if it was from when they had touched that had him so aroused. She had trouble concentrating on her book the whole time they were gone.

When they came back, they were drunk or at least Mike was. "Looks like I'm driving," she said.

"I'll drive," volunteered Ray.

"Don't lishten to him honey," slurred Mike, "He'sh ash drunk ash I am. Itsh his fault for buying all the shotsh."

"Booze doesn't affect me," said Ray.

"I'll drive just to be sure," said Jenni skeptically.

They gathered up their things and headed back to the car. Mike sat in back, drinking in the afternoon had him dozing off soon after hitting the bridge out of Ocean City. "Thank god," said Ray. "A lot more room to stretch my legs up front."

Jenni glanced down her eyes zooming in right on his crotch. He still looked cramped. "Stop somewhere and we'll get some burgers to throw on your grill for dinner," said the black man before putting his seat back and closing his eyes. 'Damn him,' she thought, me horny, Mike wasted and limp, and the arrogant black man kept showing off his equipment. With Ray trying to sleep, she could stare at his crotch without him knowing it and she kept glancing over at him the whole ride home.

Ray's cock head extended an inch and his bulge plumped up as something excited the black man in his dreams. Jenni's hand gripped the knobby end of the gear shift and then stroked it up and down imagining it was Ray's cock. She was holding Ray's cock and it was the gear shift as she used it to shift. Then Jenni straddled his seat and moved the head of his cock to her hungry pussy. Jenni snapped out of it just as the car was drifting off the side of the road. She corrected the car and rolled the window down for air. Just being around his cock was making her think like a slut.

Both men woke up at the supermarket, Ray looking refreshed, Mike blurry eyed and groggy. Despite his outfit, Ray followed her in. An assitant manager hurried up to them and said, "shirt and shoes are required sir."

Ray turned and looked down at the little man. "I'll be quick," he said after an uncomfortable moment.

"O-ok sir," said the man gulping, his eyes wandered down Ray's chest, then fell on Ray's crotch. The little man's eyes bugged out and he took a step back, turning to scurry away.

Not wanting to be spotted with a giant, hulking, half-naked, brutish looking black man, Jenni ditched Ray and bought some hotdogs, burgers, and rolls for a barbeque. She ran into him in line, Ray had a case of beer under his arms.

They left the supermarket and headed home. "Don't forgetsh to check the mail." Mike moaned clutching his head.

Jenni obeyed her husband and stopped at the mailbox. "Still nothing."

"That's military efficiency for ya," said Ray.

Ray volunteered to man the grill while Jenni prepared the fixins. As soon as she was out of sight, Ray put a beer in Mike's hand, "to the navy," proposed the black man.

Mike looked like he had enough booze for the day, but couldn't turn down the proposal. "To the Navy." They clinked cans.

"Pound it," said Ray throwing his head back and draining the can. He crushed it afterwards.

"Pounding the beer made Mike's head spin. "Oooh," he groaned, "I need to sit down."

Rest up on the couch buddy, I'll get dinner ready." Ray pushed Mike down on the couch and sat his crushed can beside the white man's. "I'll be outside," yelled the black man to Jenni.


Jenni came out of the kitchen holding a couple paper plates. She stopped, looking disgustedly at her husband snorring on the couch. Two empty beer cans already lying beside him. He was really getting on her shit list this shore leave. She knew from experience, he wouldn't be waking until dawn.

Jenni carried some hotdog and burger rolls on a plate outside for Ray. She was staring at the plate to keep from dropping anything and wasn't looking at the black man. "Here's the rolls," she said.

"Got one big enough for a foot long?"

Jenni looked up and gasped. Ray had stripped completely nude in their backyard and was hosing himself off. His incredible body glistened in the sunlight. Ray's cock jutted out from his crotch, stiff, plump, and angled slightly downwards. It did indeed look like a foot long, and it wasn't completely hard. Jenni could do nothng but stare, entranced by it.

"Why don't you come over here and get a good look at it."

"W-what do you mean?" asked Jenni.

"Your curious about black cock. You've been staring at my crotch since we met. Now's your chance to get it out of your system." Ray turned the hose off and took a step towards her. He put his strong hands on her shoulders and started pushing down.

"But Mike's inside?" Her legs were shaky and weak. She gave in falling to her knees. His cock was now thirteen inches, straighter and just inches from her face."

"Come on Jenni, he's passed out on the couch. This might be your only chance to examine what a real man's cock looks like. Lucky for us he drank so much this afteroon. You can touch it."

Jenni had been staring at Ray's cock, the big bulbous head, the puffy blue-black veins, his huge pendulous balls. She reached one hand up tentatively and caressed the shaft with three fingers, a shiver of yearning running down her spine.

Her caress turned to a grip and his cock straightened out completely, the cock fattening and hardening in her hand. It quit growing at fourteen inches, the fat head flush with the shaft making it look torpedo shaped. "My god."


"G-god yes, I've never seen anything like it."

"Makes your hubby seem pretty pathetic doesn't it?"

Jenni felt a twinge of guilt, but she couldn't help agreeing with the black man. "It's so big and thick. It's so hard and big. It's...big." At some point she couldn't remember, her other hand had come up to touch it and she was stroking it automatically with her right while her left gently massaged his huge balls. "I want to see you cum."

"Suck on it."

Jenni's whole body shook at his order. Her dark fantasies had returned as she stroked his cock, her dreams stronger with her proximity to his mighty shaft and his musky masculine scent. She wanted to suck on it. She wanted it in her pussy, even her virgin ass if her master so ordered it. Her belly should be full of her master's sperm just as his monster cock should be filling her fertile womb with his black, baby-making seed.

"I can't," she said wanting to cry at her loss. Despite his behaviour the last few days, Jenni loved Mike Scott deeply and wanted to remain a loyal and faithful wife, but deep down, she was starting to resent her husband.

"Jenni everyone knows a blow job ain't cheating."

"I'm sorry, I can't".

"You can't leave me hanging like this. The least you can do is jerk me off."

"I guess that would be fine. What do I do?"

"Use this." Ray had some vegetable oil out to clean the grill grate. He handed her the bottle.

Jenni poured the oil on her hands. Her hands now slid smoothly along his shaft. She ran her hands up and down, pausing to coat the head, then resuming her strokes. She fantasized she was a slut for Ray's cock, his slave, helplessly at his mercy. 'It couldn't hurt just to suck on it a little,' she thought, but did nothing. She'd never acually wanted to give anyone a blow job, but she was filled with a near overwhelming desire to please Ray. Taking it in her mouth would be so easy and take pressure off her tired arms, but still she resisted.

Ray lasted twenty minutes and Jenni had almost lost all the strength in her arms. The missle was pointed right at her face, looking harder and angrier then it had when she started. Jenni remembered the black men in the movie and how their cocks literally seemed to explode sperm. She opened her mouth gasping with fear preparing to point his cock away from her, but it was too late.

Jenni closed her eyes just in time as what felt like a glassful of hot pudding was thrown against her face. Something touched her lower lip and she realized it was the tip of Ray's cock, her mouth closing just as it filled up with more of his hot sperm. Sperm had already clogged her nose and she was forced to swallow his seed in order to breath. Another wad splattered across her chest just above her bikini.

Jenni wiped his cum from her eyes and looked up at Ray hulking over her like a giant, his still hard cock brushing against her chin. She felt like a completely new woman. She nuzzled his cock looking at it adoringly, even going so far as to kiss it. The tip was just inches from her mouth, sperm dribbling out of the end, her tongue flickered out and carressed the pee-slit, lapping up several spoonfulls of semen.

Jenni backed up a little ashamed of her reaction. "I'm gonna go get cleaned up."

"I'm gonna put some more meat on the grill. The last ones seemed to have burnt up."

Jenni opened the sliding glass doors and paused seeing Mike sprawled out asleep on the couch. What would he say if he opened his eyes to see his wife's upper body covered in a black man's sperm?

Ray watched her go, disappointed, but impressed by her will-power. He'd try again in a few hours and the pretty young wife wouldn't be able to resist him again. Some sperm was stagnating in his shaft, so he milked it out. Ray looked around, grabbing a burger bun and catching the dangling white cum on the inside top. He ran his cockhead around the bun until it was drained completely. Then he rearanged the lettuce and a slice of tomato over his cum. He'd need to be sure Jenni got this one and it didn't end up on his own plate.

Jenni was silent as she ate her cum burger. She had washed up, her hair wet, and was still clad in her sweat pants and bikini top. She was also finishing off the last of her Xcite-laced diet pepsi. Ray could see her hard nipples protruding out under her bikini as she stared off into space absentmindedly taking bites from her burger.

Jenni cleaned up, disappearing into the kitchen. When she came out, Mike was gone and Ray was sitting alone of the couch still clad in his tiny white briefs. He patted the empty space beside him. "Where's Mike?"

"I carried him upstairs to bed."

"I think I'll go join him. Today really drained me."

Ray grabbed his crotch. "It'll take a lot more to completely drain me."

"Good night Ray." Jenni left the black man sitting on the couch. Her legs felt like lead as she lifted them up the stairs, though they grew lighter the furthur she got from Ray's presence.

There was something primal about him that made her want to submit, despite the fact that she loved her husband, despite the fact that Ray was of another race, and despite the fact that she really didn't like the black man. He was a bit of an obnoxious ass.

Jenni sat down at the computer and typed off a quick message to Blackmanta:

[Manta, I understand what you were saying about black men. My husband brought home a black friend and I find him hard to resist. He is built like you and has a cock to match. He wanted me to blow him off, saying it wasn't cheating, but I ended up giving him a handjob. I feel guilty for what I did and I love my husband, but I want this black man's cock. I've been so horny lately and my husband's in bed performance has been inadequate at best. What do I do?"]

Jenni didn't know why she was writing to another arrogant, obnoxious black man asking for advice with another, though it takes one to know one. After a dream where she was the various women in "Sexual Reparations", she awoke to find Manta had responded.

[What you do Jenni Scott is submit. This is the opportunity for you to discover your nature. You are a slut for black cock. My Jenni Scott had similar reservations. She told me how her horniness increased tenfold when she met me and how inadequate her own husband was. He couldn't even get an erection when I was around. It's only natural for the weaker male to grow soft and limp in the presence of a superior male,and for a female to want to submit herself to a larger more powerful cock. He's right, a blow job isn't cheating. Go show that black cock how much you appreciate it.]

Jenni replied to his email with thanks then clicked on the picture of Manta's massive erection, it was so similar to Ray's. She was nude in the chair and her hand found it's way down to her pussy. It was soaking wet, just like it had been every day since Ray arrived. Ray would be in his room, asleep, probably with one of those really big morning erections men got. She knew what she wanted to do, he could be on his way to New York by the end of the day and she'd miss her opportunity. Mike would be asleep for another couple hours. She put her bikini on to protect her pussy because she didn't trust herself nor the black man.


Ray woke up feeling something hot and wet around the head of his cock. He opened his eyes to see Jenni looking up at him wirh her lips wrapped around his cockhead. "You go Jenni, suck that black cock."

Jenni twirled her tongue around the crown, then up over the pee-slit. She stretched her jaw open to accomodate more of his huge cock, gagging as it pushed into her throat. "Hold on, I want to see that hot bod of yours while you suck it." Ray sat up and moved over to a chair.

"No, the bikini stays on."

"Why you doing this?"

"I had to know what it was like and didn't want this opportunity to pass me by."

"Well I don't want to miss the opportunity to see ya naked."

"No, I need the panties for protection."

"Shit then, we'll compromise. Show me them titties." Jenni was about to object when Ray suddenly stood and ripped off her bikini top. Jenni felt her arms pulling back as he twisted the top around her wrists. Before she knew it, her hands were restrained behind her back. Ray grabbed her shoulders and roughly pushed her down. He moved around in front of her and waved his cock under her nose, her eyes following it hypnotically. Ray backed up and sat again, spreading his legs, that huge cock of his sticking out at a fortyfive degree angle. "Now finish what you started."

Jenni crawled on her knees, hands bound tightly behind her back. There was no way to describe this helpless, submissive pose. Ray could throw her down and rape her right there and there would be nothing she could do to stop him. Part of her wished he'd do just that, then she'd have an excuse for trying out his cock. Instead, she wobbled over to him and began licking his cock.

Her tongue touched every square inch of his cock surface before she moved her mouth back up to the head. Her throat was a little loose from earlier and she swallowed five or six inches pretty easily, then the head was pushing deeper into her throat then Mike had ever reached.

Jenni could have done a better job sucking him off had her hands been free. She couldn't steady it, she couldn't guide it, she couldn't use her hands to stroke it. All she had was her mouth. Her neck and upper back grew sore as she bobbed her head rapidly over half his shaft. Strange, but she enjoyed giving head to the black man. She never enjoyed sucking on her husband's penis, she had done it as an expression of her love, but never derived pleasure from it. If her own pussy wasn't screaming for attention, she would have been perfectly content to suck on Ray's fourteen inch cock all night or until her strength gave out.

Jenni's belly was even growling in anticipation of filling up with Ray's hot seed. The little taste she had gotten earlier had only whet her appetitie for more. She had never swallowed sperm in her life, never even let Mike cum in her mouth, but she was craving Ray's sperm now.

Luckily, Ray's stamina gave out before her strength did, but barely and thanks to his help.

Ray started bucking his hips into her oncoming mouth as his need to cum grew in intensity. He grabbed both sides of her head with hands that could have crushed her skull, but he was gentle, if aggressive. Ray started pulling her head down deeper onto his thrusting cock forcing her to swallow close to a foot. His mighty arms took over for her tired and sore neck muscles. Ray's cock head grew, swelling so big she feared it would wedge in her throat. When he came, it was with a bellow that she feared would wake Mike up.

If it wasn't for the fact that she could feel the pulse in his cock pumping, she'd barely know he had ejaculated except that the growl in her belly was disappearing. He pushed her head back until she could feel a steady stream of sperm traveling down her throat. He pulled out so that just the head was in her mouth and he ran his hand along his shaft, milking out the last of his sperm so that she could taste him.

"Did you like sucking my cock?"

"You know I did."

"Imagine how good it would feel in your pussy." Ray turned Jenni around and untied her bound hands.

"Yes, I imagine it would feel good."

"Just give the word and this cock is all yours."

"Let me sleep on it."

"Don't waste time Jenni, that letter could come today and then I'm gone."

"I understand." Jenni left the room hoping to catch another hours sleep, but the need in her pussy was so great, she couldn't concentrate. Even if Mike could get hard it wouldn't satisfy her. The itch in her pussy was deep, only something big, something big and black could scratch it.


Jenni got two unpleasant surprises that morning. Mike was sluggish getting out of bed, his head throbbing. Ray's cock had turned into an obsession with her. She got up to take a shower, imagining Ray was in there with her, he was sitting on the toilet while she road his shaft, then kneeled before him and took him in her mouth again. She had to fuck him.

Jenni dried her long blonde hair and dressed in shorts and a tank top. 'Not bad for someone about to turn thirty', she thought looking at herself in the mirror. Mike was awake, lying in the bed when she came out of the bathroom.

"How you feeling honey?" she asked.


"I can tell, your eyes are all red and your cheeks are puffy."

"Your cheeks look a little swollen yourself."

Jenni blushed, she had noticed her cheeks in the mirror, sucking off Ray two hours earlier had given them a rubbery appearance. "I drank a little too much to." She put her shoes on then added, "I know he's your friend and all, but I'd like Ray gone soon. He can stay one more day, but I'd like him to move on tomorrow. We can send him his discharge papers if they don't arrive today. I want to spend the next two weeks with my husband."

"Truth is, I don't really like Ray, I find his head is as big as...well, he's cocky and arrogant," Mike said. Jenni knew he was cocky, real cocky. Mike looked at her sadly. "Honey, I'm sorry about my lack of enthusiasm in bed. If things don't get any better soon, I'll ride down to base to check with a doctor."

"I understand." Jenni patted her husband's head and left the room. One fuck, that was all Ray would get, then he'd leave and things would return to normal.

Jenni went to Ray's room and got her first surprise. He wasn't there, but sticking out of his duffle bag was an enelope cleary marked United States Navy." She looked at it and found her address, attention Ray Harmon on it. His discharge papers!

Jenni was pissed, but also flattered. Ray wanted her so bad, he had lied about not getting his papers in the mail. She went down stairs, Ray had Mike's laptop open on the coffee table, but was in the kitchen. She joined him and began cooking some eggs. "You want a giant black sausage to go with those eggs?" he asked.

Jenni looked at him. He had an arrogant smirk that suggested there was no doubt in his mind what her answer was. "Yes. I'd like to try some black sausage, but just once and then you must leave. And, you have to wear protection," she added.

"No problem Jenni, but once you've had black sausage, you'll want it again and again."

"We'll see." They ate in the kitchen. "I'll be back, I have some errands to run. I'll have Mike go get some things at the hardware store latter and then we can be together."

"Can't wait."

Jenni left the kitchen and got her second unpleasant surprise. Mike had come down and was sitting at his computer. "Ray was on here?" he asked her. Jenni nodded. "Hey," he yelled to Ray in the kitchen, "Blackmanta has some email." Mike had automatically logged into Ray's account just as Ray logged into his the time he got Jenni's pictures.

Jenni froze and turned pale. "What did you call him?"

"Blackmanta. That's his nickname. Manta Ray, get it? I thought it up, but we call him black manta cause he's black."

Jenni felt sick. "I need to get my purse, then I'm going shopping." Ray was staring at her, looking pissed he'd gotten caught, but he still had that superior smirk on his face like he still thought they'd be fucking by the end of the day. The bastard had been conning her since before the sub had even docked.

Jenni went upstairs on the pretext of grabbing her purse, instead she grabbed the envelope with Ray's discharge papers. She hid them in her purse and left the house, putting the envelope in her mailbox. She then called her husband on her cell phone and told him she wanted Ray gone today, before she got back. Mike wavered, but agreed. Then she told him to check the mailbox as soon as the postman came around noon.

Jenni got home late in the afternoon, hoping Ray was already gone. Mike was in the yard with a hedge trimmer, the lawnmower was out, but he hadn't cut it yet. Jenni entered the house, finding it empty. She headed up the stairs, freezing as a giant figure loomed over her. Ray stood on the top of the steps with his duffle bag slung over his shoulder. "Nice move with my discharge papers."

"I was hoping you were gone."

"Not until I get what I came for."

"You arrogant black son-of-a-bitch. I'll never sleep with you."

"You're a black cock loving slut Jenni Scott, deep down you know it's true, ya just wont admit it. Go check your email, then meet me downstairs."

Jenni ducked asside as Ray moved his giant form down the stairs. She fired up her computer and saw that she had gotten an email from Blackmanta. What she saw in the email sent a shiver of horror down her spine. All ten attachments labled "wish you were here" that she had sent her husband. Pics of her nude, god even a spread pussy shot! If this mess was happening because Mike had shown her pictures around, she'd kill him. She didn't wan't to rush to judgement though, maybe Ray had accidently goten them off Mike's laptop. The message accompanying the pictures was simple: One fuck and these are all yours. After that it read: Turn me down and I'll post them on every slut wife site on the net. After that was what made her give in. Ray had copied MIke's address folder which contained both their parents, all their friends, and the pastor who married them, email addresses.

"Your answer?" asked Ray sitting on her couch when she came down the stairs.

"You'll delete those pictures if I do this?"

"You have my word." Ray had already posted them on several sites and gotten plenty of email from men telling him how hot his wife was.

"Then I'll do it, but you must where a condom, it's not the safest time of month for me." In fact, it was her most fertile time of the month. "Where and when?"

"Here and now, I've been waiting six months to feed my black cock into that tight little pussy of yours."

"But what about Mike?" As she spoke, the lawnmower started up.

"We have till he's done mowing and you have a nice big yard."

"I'll get you a rubber."


Jenni ran upstairs to her dresser and retrieved one of Mike's condoms. She was wearing a skirt and a nice tanktop that left an inch of her thin waist exposed. She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties, anything to speed up the process.

Ray was leaning against the couch buck naked, black banana cock swaying down halfway to his knees. She couldn't help being impressed by his magnificent body, even if he had the personality of a jack ass. "Here's the rubber."

"Keep it, suck me hard and you can put it on."

Jenni didn't know what she wanted anymore. Did she want to commit adultery with this jerk? Yet her nipples were hard and her pantyless thighs were wet and clammy. Her labia even felt swollen and sensitive in anticipation. 'Just fuck the cock and not the man, Jenni,' she thought to herself. "I'm only doing this cause you're blackmailing me."

"Sure, whatever."

Jenni kneeled at his feet, her stomach already growling as she stared at his sperm-filled balls. His cock had already plumped up and risen a little. She took the head in her mouth and started sucking. Maybe if she did a good job, he wouldn't stop her and she'd get by with another blow job? She bobbed her head rapidly, finding it easier with her hands unbound. "Enough," said Ray, placing his hand on her forehead and pushing back. Instead, she grabbed his ass and pushed ten inches of his cock into her mouth and throat. "I said enough, slut." He pushed her off him this time, his cock shooting up to point at the ceiling as it was freed. "Time to push this in your pussy."

"Wait, the condom." Jenni unrolled the condom around Ray's cock head finding the rubber stoped an inch below the helmut."

Ray laughed. "You poor thing, no wonder you were hungry for a real man's cock."

Mike was average, but the thickness and length of Ray made the condom look tiny, like his cock was wearing a shower cap. "Where do you want me?"

"Lean over the couch so that your pussy's even with my cock." Ray walked around behind her, ripping the condom off as soon as he was out of her line of vision. He lifted her skirt, bunching it up over her waist. Jenni shivered as Ray rested his huge shaft along the crack of her ass. He was pushing it against her as he lifted her shirt up over her head. Soon her bra joined her shirt and she was naked for all intense purposes. "Your going to love my cock."

"Just don't kill me with that thing." Jenni was scared now that it was actually about to happen, but her body was acting like it couldn't wait. Her pussy lips had parted from the moisture as if in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive. Before spreading her legs, she even felt a jolt of pleasure between her thighs, suggesting that her clit was swollen and distended. She had a very sensitive clit, but it usually required oral stimulation to come out to play.

Ray smacked his hand between her legs and she widened her stance. He then pushed her back down so that she was completely bent over the couch, her feet now and inch off the ground, her ass raised higher then her head. He grabbed her waist and adjusted her some.

Jenni looked up and out the front window. Mike was mowing right under it. He couldn't see in do to the sunlight, but she could clearly see her husband just ten feet away completely oblivious to the fact that his wife was about to get fucked by another man. Jenni watched her husband sadly as Ray's cock head pressed against her. "Ooh Jeesus," she moaned as he pressed forward. The head plowed into her stretching her wider then she'd ever been. Just when she thought he'd rip her in two, her pussy closed over the ridged head.

Ray pulled back working his hips as he used her own wetness to lubricate his cock. The head acted as a plow, making room for the thick shaft. This was a cock that would fill her completely. A cock so hard and perfectly streamlined it would torpedo it's way into places no cock was ever designed to go. This was a cock designed to shoot semen in dangerous amounts to fill every recess of her womb. She shivered in fear thankful for the condom, but worried his huge amount of ejaculate would shoot it right off.

Jenni bit her lower lip as a wave of pleasure shot up her spine. The head had pushed deeper then Mike's (inferior?) penis ever could. Then Ray stopped. "Is that it?" she asked. It wasn't so bad, she could take this.

Ray laughed. He grabbed her arm and pulled her body up so that he could place her hand on his cock. She gripped at least seven inches of his shaft still not buried in her. "Oh dear god." He bent her back down.

The next inch made her pussy spasm. It didn't know what to make of the invader, but the spasms were pleasurable. Her pussy clamped down over the shaft, squeezing it tightly as if it feared he would pull out. At nine inches she could have cum if he had been fucking her, but he was just slowly pushing it in letting her body get used to it. At ten inches, she was sweating heavily and her hands were gripping the material of the sofa so tightly her knuckles were white. At eleven, she came. Jenni couldn't help it, his cock head just hit a spot that felt so good her pussy trembled around his dick. He continued to plow forward, coming to a halt at around twelve inches. Ray pulled back a little then slammed his cock forward, penetrating a little further, but not much. "Two inches left," he said. "we'll take care of that next time."

"Ooo oh, there's not gooona bee a aah next tiiime, sooo full." Jenni wasn't so sure. This felt good, real good. Her orgasm had been as big and as good as anything Mike had ever given her and Ray hadn't put anything into it. The thought of what this cock might be capable of scared her. "Oooo, Huuuury Rayeee, Mike's ahh...lmost done the front yard. Oh Jeeesus it's beeg."

"Bitch, I been waiting for this a long time. I'm gonna savor every fucking minute." With that said, Ray started working his hips. He started slow at first, just pulling out an inch or so, keeping her full, but then he started pulling out more.

Jenni was in a state of shock. She felt feverish, dehydrated as if all the fluid in her body had worked it's way to her pussy to keep Ray's cock juicy. "Ooo ooo aah aah aaaahhh...cumming." The head kept scraping that spot and it was driving her mad with pleasure. It was another good one and the orgasm made her see spots before her eyes. "Oh god, it's so big," she cried in a deep gasp for air as he pulled all but the very tip out, then she screamed as he slammed it forwards. "Oooh fuck. oooh fuck it's big." Ray started fucking her with twelve fat inches of cock and Jenni lost it. "Oooh fuck, ooh fuck meeee, fuck me, gimme that big cock. I black cock. Jesus cummming again."

Jenni was wrong about the orgasms, they weren't big, they were small and they kept getting bigger. Her hips were bucking wanting to push back into his thrusting cock, but her feet were off the ground. Big orgasms were coming every five thrusts or so and they seemed to run together into one long constant orgasm. Jenni briefly heard the lawnmower along the side of the house before she had a huge orgasm that made her close her eyes. When she opened them Mike was almost done the back yard.

Ray's thrusts were becoming more powerful, more driven, more eratic. He was grunting as he pounded her with a cock that felt more alive and bigger then it had just moments before. Ray bellowed and slammed his cock forwards. "Oh yes," she screamed as a torrent of cum flooded her fertile pussy. It triggered a mind-blowing orgasm that had her crying with pleasure into the couch. One thought dominated her mind before she passed out from the pleasure. 'Give me a baby. Give me a baby.'


Jenni came to her senses when Mike said, "Well good luck to you."

"Yeah thanks buddy," replied Ray. "Thanks for letting me use your stuff. Hope I didn't ruin your wife."


"Ruin your life, staying here a few days and all."

"Naw, buddy, seamen gotta stick together."

Ray was standing in the doorway, duffle bag slung across his shoulder, blocking Mike's view of her. She pushed herself off the couch, using her shirt to plug her pussy from leaking all over the floor. Oh god, her pussy was full of sperm and she was holding it in with her shirt. Her fears had come true, the condom had shot off or burst. Then Jenni saw the condom sitting unrolled and pristine on the floor, unused. She felt like running over to strangle the big black man, but ran upstairs instead.


The next day Jenni had to work and strangely, Diane seemed worn out and was walking with a wide stance again. Jenni got a shock when Ray showed up to take Diane out to lunch. "What are you doing here?" she asked with a slightly squeaky voice.

"Oh, I came back to see Diane." Ray smiled at Diane and the plump woman seemed to melt under his gaze. Diane ran in back to get her purse, Ray turned to leer at Jenni. "I'm staying a week, but Diane thinks I'm leaving in the morning. Come over around noon and we'll fuck again."

Jenni felt her pussy spasm when he said that. "I don't think so Ray. You have to be the biggest asshole I ever met. I hate you."

"But you love my black cock. I ain't through with you yet, Jenni Scott. I still have the pictures. You'll be my slut the rest of the week or I'll destroy your life. I'm not going to tell you again...nice seeing you Jenni". Diane came out and the two left. Diane didn't come back from lunch.

The next day, shortly after noon, Jenni found herself naked and astride Ray's crotch as she slid her wet pussy along the length of his rod. She shivered from the pleasure just rubbing it gave her. He had blackmailed her into coming to his motel room, but her body couldn't wait to get his cock in it again. "Please, you have to wear a condom this time," she begged, moaning. Her hands were gripping Ray's hard chest while his were on her breasts, squeezing them and twirling her nipples between his fingers expertly.

"Nope, no rubbers. I'm too big for them anyway. I'll tell ya when I'm getting ready and you can jump off. I'll cum in ya mouth instead of ya pussy."

"Ok then," she moaned. Suddenly she was hungry and it wasn't for food. Jenni raised herself up until she was squatting over him. Ray held his cock up, helping her. Jenni lowered herself, not even realizing she was smiling from ear to ear from the shear happiness she felt feeling Ray's cock enter her.

"Mike gotten it up yet?" asked Ray doing nothing but lie there as she squirmed around on the end of his cock. "Doesn't matter now anyway," he said when she didn't answer.

Jenni opened her eyes, the dumb grin fadiing. "Why?'

"Do you think your pussy will ever be satisfied by his little prick again?"

"Yes," she lied. Ray was right, her pussy had felt different since the first time they were together like it was permanantly stretched.

For the first time, Jenni realized things would never be the same between her and her husband again. She felt guilty and sad, tears began rolling down her cheeks. Still, her hips were rotating around Ray's cockhead and she was slowly lowering herself over more. She was still crying when the first orgasm hit. After that nothing else mattered but getting more of Ray's cock in her.

Jenni had squatted over more then half his cock when she struggled to get her legs under her, switching from squatting to kneeling. He played with her breasts while she worked her pussy over his cock. His magnificent apendage gave her orgasm after orgasm.

"Are you my slut Jenni Scott?" asked Ray bucking his hips a little.

"Oh oh oh ah. Ah can't lie and say I don't like it, but I'm not a slut." She had taken more this time then she had the first. Jenni wondered if they continued to fuck, would she be able to take his entire cock?

"We'll see," said Ray bucking his hips harder.

"Jesus, fuck me, fuck me hard," said Jenni leaning forward on his chest and kissing the big black man. Little orgasms were going off like firecrakers in her crotch building up into a grand finale, a zen like state of orgasmic bliss that had her screaming loudly. Jenni passed out with a smile on her face.

When Jenni came too, they were still in the same position and his cock felt even deeper, it felt bigger too. Jeni realized he was about to cum. She sat upright, sliding down further along his shaft. Her hands came up to his rock hard stomach to push herself off him, but she was too weak from the workout and the orgasm. Her legs didn't work. "Ray, stop! Pull out."

"Too late baby," he groaned holding his cock deep in her as another gallon of his black baby making seed assaulted her womb.

When Jenni awoke, she was lying on the bed with her hips elevated by the bed's pillows. "I didn't want to get sperm all over my sheets," said Ray coming out of the bathroom sporting another hard-on. Jenni realized the pillows were keeping her full of sperm. She struggled to get up, but Ray got in bed, covering her with his body.

"Ray..." His cockhead was pushing between her pussy lips. "Gotta get up." His cock was sliding into her. "Get your sperm out.." The bed began squeaking as Ray bucked his hips. Jenni parted her legs, wrapping them around his hips, her crotch thrusting up into his. Her nails dug into his back as the orgasms started coming. She kissed his chest submissively. "Fuck me Ray. Fuck me. Fuck me with that black cock. Fuck me master. Fuck your slut. Fuck your slut. I'm cumming." The rest of her cries were muffled as Ray settled his chest over body.

"You're free of me Jenni Scott, I'll delete the pictures the next time I'm near a computer."

"What about you?" she asked finishing dressing.

"I think I will fuck Diane all day tomorrow and then leave for New York.

"Oh." Jenni looked at her watch. She had spent four hours with Ray and she had only counted on being with him just over an hour. She had sucked him off once after the second fuck. He was still lying naked on the disheveled bed and even now looked like he could go again if given the chance. Ray would be wondering where she was. "I gotta get going."

"Have a nice life."


"This had better be fucking good," said the voice on the phone. "It's eight fucking thirty."

"Ray, it's Jenni." Jenni hated herself for calling the black man.

"Yeah, what you want?"

"Mike just drove down to the base to see the base doctor."


"He'll be gone at least eight hours."

"Yeah, and?"

"I want you to come over."

"I planned to spend the day with Diane."

"I was hoping you'd rather spend it with me."

"Why do you want me over?"

"I w-want you to fuck me again before you leave."

"I aint wearing a condom."

"I understand."

"And I aint pulling out."

"That's ok, I want you to cum in my pussy."


Jenni swallowed, choking a little as she answered, "because I'm a slut for your black cock."

"I'll be right over."


On the morning of her thirtieth birthday, several days after Mike had returned to the boat. Jenni got up and sat at the computer taking out her new foot long black dildo. She was horny for Ray's cock and masturbated to his pictures on her email. Today she reread them.

[Remember when I tied your hands behind you and made you suck me off using only your mouth? (Yes) Remember fainting from cumming so hard as you rode my big cock? (she did) I loved crushing you beneath me as I pounded your pussy into submission (she remembered that too). Remember when I bent you over the couch and fucked you from behind while your husband mowed the lawn? (God yes, her first real fuck) Remember how inadeqate your husband's little prick felt after fucking a real man? (No, Mike still hadn't gotten hard, though the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him. Jenni knew her husband was intimidated being around a real man) Remember when I hooked your ass on black cock after your pussy was mine? (No, he hadn't done that) You're my black cock slut Jenni Scott. ("I am your slut," she cried jamming the dildo into her hungry pussy) Write me back so we can fuck again. (Would he come back if she did?) The picture will remind you what you're missing. Black Manta]

Jenni sent off a quick email after masturbating, begging Ray to come down for a day, offering to meet him in Jersey. Anything for his cock. She had just sent the email when the doorbell rang. She through on a robe and answered the door. It was Ray. "Make a wish," he said holding up a cupcake with a lit candle in it."

"I just got my wish granted," she said pulling him in.

Ray ripped her robe off as she began unbuttoning his shirt. Jenni stripped his chest, kneeling, frantically trying to get his pants off. She pulled his underwear down, smiling as she saw the red ribbon tied around his rising shaft.

"There's your present."

"I love it," she said. Ray was such a conceited ass, though it was the best present she'd ever gotten on her birthday.

"I knew you would. I also got you this."

Jenni took the bottle from him after kissing the tip of his cock. "Motion lotion?"

"You're gonna need it wear I'm going. We got some unfinsihed business to take care of."

By the end of the day, her ass was hooked on his cock as much as her pussy, which by the way took his entire shaft for the fist time before he left for New York.


Mike got off the boat, impatient to catch a ride home. Jenni had said she couldn't pick him up and had been acting evasive since the baby came. He found out why later that day when a friend dropped him off in Salisbury.

Mike burst into the house, Jenni had her back to him breastfeeding his son. She turned around a sad look on her face. He looked down and saw his son's kinky black hair and then the black face. The boy was drinking gustily from Jenni's milk-ladden breast. "There's something I have to tell you," said Jenni.

Mike was hurt, shocked, stunned, but he forgave his wife. His impotence returned after he'd been to sea a month. Jenni let him fuck her, but it was never the same. he did seem to like sucking him off now, though she always sucked him long after he'd cum as if hungry for more sperm.

Jenni became known around town as a cum junkie. She slept with one black man after the other in attempt to find one who could fuck like Ray. She lost count of the number of black men she sucked and fucked. The problem was they were as unsatisfying as her husband. She kept in touch with Ray via email and once in awhile one of his black friends would stay the night with her on their way South. Ray's friends were all hung musclemen and those were the nights that truly made her happy. Sometimes, if Mike was on leave, the black man would make him watch. Jenni approved as it reminded her husband why he never satisfied her anymore. After awhile, Mike seemed to look forward to the studs sleeping in his house, in his bed, with his wife.

Those nights were far and few between for Jenni. She fucked a different normal-sized black man every night, sometimes two or three to better her odds of finding a hung one. Once she found a black man who'd gotten out of prison recently and had a killer body from weightlifting every day, but when he took his pants off his little seven inch dick looked pathetic sticking out of his muscle body.

She yearned for big cocks constantly and eventually her yearnings turned towards New York. Ray and his buddies, the interracial porn sites she belonged too, the interracial magazines she read all originated in New York.

The next time Mike came home on leave, Jenni was gone.

The End

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