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SUBMISSIVE TO SARA All Rights Reserved

I thought you might enjoy hearing about an encounter we had in which I was submissive to Sara and her black lover Tom. It is something that I had never done before but it was a fantasy of Sara's to see me submit and it was something I thought about, in the way you fantasize about things you haven't tried...

It happened one night when I was returning from a business trip. The plan was for me to meet Sara and Tom, our black lawyer friend with a huge cock, a former linebacker at USC, for dinner and then we three would come back to our place and work Sara over. But my plane was late and Sara and Tom had already had dinner and returned to the house by the time I arrived. I walked in, tired but feeling that special excitement of knowing we would have a hot night. It was dark, with some jazz playing and candles burning. No one was in the living room but I could hear soft laughter in the bedroom. I found a note from Sara next to a champagne glass. It said, "Welcome, my love. I have a special evening planned for you...if you want. Sit down and drink some champagne and think about it for a moment...What we would like you to do is take off all your clothes and walk into the bedroom and spend the rest of the evening serving us." (I couldn't believe she had written the note as "us" and "we," as if Tom and she had conspired together...which I suppose they had.) "You will do whatever we tell you to that will please us. Anything and everything. For both Tom and I. Of course you don't have to do it. If you don't want to, just walk into the bedroom still dressed. But if you want to serve us, as I want you to, take all your clothes off and come in. Then I will know you have accepted our arrangement for the evening. And yes, please bring us some champagne from the refrigerator. I'm sure we could use some more."

To be honest, I was almost trembling by the time I finished the note. My immediate instinct was to walk into the bedroom, fully dressed, and turn her over on her stomach and sink my cock 9 inches into her tight asshole to hear her moan and cum, as she always did so well....but I didn't. I sat there, drank some more champagne, and then got up, took off all my clothes, and walked into the bedroom.

Sara smiled when she saw me. And she was an incredible sight. She was lying back in Tom's arms, completely surrounded by his huge black body. His very long, thick cock lay against his thigh, with a trail of come on his leg. She was wearing a white corset and white stockings...nothing else. Her large breasts had been pulled from the corset top so they hung free, her luscious pink nipples looking swollen and abused. She saw, of course, that I was nude. She held out her champagne glass and said, "More, please." My hand was shaking as I poured. Tom held out his glass. I poured for both of them.

Sara slid to the edge of the bed and opened her thighs. She had shaved all of her pussy hair except for a tuft above the lips. "Now," she said, "you can drink." She pushed me down between her legs and I could see Tom's come lining her lips. "Enjoy," she said, pulling me toward her sweet cunt. Again I thought about turning her over and jamming my cock deep into her ass...But I did as I was told, and drank. She shuddered as my tongue licked her thoroughly. "You're just in time," she said. I looked up and saw her reach out for Tom. He slid next to her on the bed, his legs touching her. "I'm ready for some more cock." She reached over and begin to play with his huge cock. It stiffened immediately. I kept my tongue in her cunt, working, while she leaned over and started sucking him. Tom lay back sipping champagne, a very contented look on his face.

Sara took my hand and directed it to his cock. I pulled back. I had never touched another man's cock in my life. "Jerk it," she said, "while I suck it." She pulled my hand over and I did as I was told, not believing I was actually allowing this to happen. His cock was hard but soft. He moaned as Sara took him all the way down the base next to my hand.

She pushed my head back and climbed on top of him, still facing me. "Put it in," she said. I did as I was told, sliding his truly huge cock into her wet, slick cunt. It disappeared inside her. She began moving up and down. "Now suck my clit," she said.

This was something I had never done, either, suck her while someone's cock was in her. But I did it. She came almost at once, "Oh, you bastard. Suck it. Do it. Do it!"

She rode him, coming again as I continued to suck. Tom was groaning, calling her his "hot white bitch, pretty white slut." Sara grabbed my hand and forced me to squeeze his balls with her. Together we milked his balls as he came. I was inches away and could see the pulsing of his cock, while he moaned, "Milk that cock, you sluts...two white sluts...milk it!"

His cock fell out and I could see the come drip out. Sara pushed me back down on the floor on my back. "Now baby," she laughed, still shaking a little from her orgasms, "now I ride you." I thought she was going to sit on my rock hard cock but instead she moved over my face. "One more," she moaned, "I need one more come and you're going to give it to me." She smothered her soaking wet cunt on my mouth, juices dripping.

I ate her to two more orgasms. "Very nice," she said, when she rose finally. We drank some champagne, she looking at me with a smile. It was clear she was enjoying this. Tom was asleep on the bed. My cock was still incredibly hard. She climbed into bed and began to suck him. Slowly he awoke, his cock thickening. She motioned for me to get in bed next to her. She sucked him for almost a half hour while I lay next to her. She finally made him come, then leaned over to kiss me. I pulled back but she grabbed me by the back of my head and wouldn't let me. Our tongues played...

Tom lay back. Sara lay next to him. I moved over her to enter her. She held up her hand. "Now we sleep," she said. I couldn't believe it. I lay down next to her, my cock throbbing. Slowly we drifted asleep.

She woke me up with a kiss. It was dawn, and Tom had to leave early to run a board meeting of his law firm. "Just once more," she whispered when I woke up. "I'm going to take a shower and when I come out, I'll take him...

When she came out, Tom was hard for her. She rode him while I got up to take a shower. When I came out, Tom was leaving. We shook hands and I let him out. I turned back to the bedroom. Sara was waiting for me. She was on her knees, her ass facing the doorway to the bedroom. I could see his come dripping out of her cunt. I thought about all the come he had pumped into her in the last twelve hours. She held her ass apart and murmured. "Clean it all. That's your job today, baby. Clean it all up..." She started coming almost at once, crying....

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