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When I married my wife she was only 18 years old and lived in a small Midwestern town. Her parents live way out in the country and never let her date. Cindy was so beautiful the first time I met her. She was so small only 5' tall and weighed about 110 pounds.

I worked with her mom who had asked me to dinner to meet Cindy. I thought oh no she is the ugly daughter that no one would marry. How I was so wrong. Her parents wouldn't let her date all through school, and not really go out of the house without parents being present, and she was a total virgin. At the time I was 26 and looking to get married. Our first meeting went well and after dinner we were allowed to go out to sit on their porch swing. Cindy was so cute and we held hands, then after a little kiss on her cheek the first date was over. After dating like this with virtual chaperons for three weeks I asked Cindy's parents for her hand. They wanted Cindy to get married before she had any urges, so they agreed.

Then came our wedding night. Cindy was so open and I asked her what she knew about sex. She said that she didn't know much, but that her mom had told her that it was the wife's duty to do whatever the husband wanted. I decided that night to take it real slow with her so she would someday enjoy sex. She was so precious the first night I told her to shower and after I had showered we would get under the covers together. After I got into bed I told her we would just kiss the other one all over. I was first and I kissed her up one side and down the other. I kissed her little firm breasts and slowly moved down to her stomach. Then I kissed the inside of her thighs. All the sudden I could tell by the look on her face she knew I was going to kiss her vagina. But she held real still and I kissed it then stuck just the tip of my tongue into it. When I looked at her face her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard, but I stopped there.

Then it was her turn. She kissed up one side and down the other. The she came to my penis, I knew she didn't want to do it, but she kissed the tip. My penis was so wet with precum that it made her lips wet. She kissed a little more of my penis then I pulled her up to me. That was all we did on our wedding night.

The next night we went a little further. This night I told her we were going to lick the other one all over. I had Cindy lay down on her stomach. I licked all over her back then moved to her bottom. I licked her bottom all over then I spread her legs wide and licked her little brown hole. I watched her vagina become so wet and knew she liked this a lot. I had her turned over then I licked her breasts. I slowly moved down her stomach and as I was moving to her little pussy I saw that her face was so flushed. As I moved my tongue to lick her outer lips she moaned. Her little clitty was so engorged at this point. I licked inside her pussy and then put her whole vagina in my mouth. She moaned then exploded into my mouth. It was like a gush and tasted so good. Cindy's little pussy was on fire. I licked her thru two more orgasms, and each time her little pussy gushed, then I laid back. Cindy told me that it had felt so good and that she was hoping that it would never stop. She did her part and licked my penis until I came. She was a little surprised that white stuff came out of my penis.

This went on for five nights with me and my new bride just having oral sex. Cindy didn't put my penis in her mouth, but she would lick me till I came. I would lick and suck her till she would gush at least three times each night. And started spending more time licking her little anus. Finally the sixth night we had intercourse after I had licked her to orgasm. Cindy didn't really like intercourse but she loved oral sex, and loved for me to lick her little brown hole too.

When I started back to work after my vacation, each day I would come home and undress Cindy for her first oral orgasm of the day. She would let me have intercourse anytime but all she really wanted was my mouth. I realized at this point that Cindy would do anything to have her little pussy sucked. This went on for months.

She had never had my penis all the way in her mouth, she said it kinda grossed her out. So I licked her close to coming and stopped. She moaned for me to please go on. But I said that licking just wasn't enough for me and told her if she wanted to cum she would have to suck me too. Well, she had my penis in her mouth in a few seconds and sucked me till I came in her mouth. After that we would sixty-nine a lot and she would suck me anytime.

Cindy was a housewife and each day she started to meet me when I got home totally naked. She almost didn't wear clothes around the house. She wanted the oral sex as much as I would do it. She was addicted.

I was working on a big project and just didn't have the time to please her. The deadline was unreasonable so we didn't have sex for 4 days then I came home to tell her that I had to go to Chicago for a several days. She was so upset that she cried. The bad part was I only had an hour to have my things together and be at the airport. There she stood naked and begging me to stay. But duty called and I promised to call her everyday.

Well, when I got there I felt so bad that I called my boss. I explained that when I took the position that overnights were not part of the deal. He understood and told me to come on home, he would send my assistant. I hopped on the first plane and decided not to tell Cindy, busurprisese her.

When I got home it was around 8pm. I snuck into the basement thru a window and proceeded upstairs. I was half way when I heard a voice. At first I thought an intruder, but then recognized my neighbor. He was a black man about 40 years old. Cindy and him were laughing. He said he had not had someone answer the door nude before. I was mad at first but then my penis got so hard.

Pretty soon she asked him if he wanted a soda or something and he accepted. Then they talked a little and he told her that he had not seen a white woman naked before and no woman so beautiful. I could almost hear Cindy blush. She said that she had not seen a black man naked either. A silence then he asked would you like to. Cindy was real quiet the said OK but he had to promise that nothing else would happen. He promised and she said that they had better go up to the bedroom for this. That's when I snuck up hoping I could see.

Well, I had a perfect shot of our bedroom and they left the door wide open. He removed his clothing and I could just see Cindy's face when she saw his huge black penis. He saw the look in her face too. There music playing throughout the house and he asked Cindy if they could just dance one dance. She blushed and said remember your promise. He said I promise. They started to dance slowly together. He had his penis touching Cindy's pubic hair, then his penis started to get hard. When it grew it grew big. They kept dancing then Cindy asked if she could touch his penis just once, she had never seen something so big. He of course said honey touch and hold it. Well, Cindy put her hand on it and her fingers would not go all the way around it.

Then he said the magic words. He said honey I love to put my tongue on a women's vagina. If I promise that nothing else would happen could I just lick you once. Cindy blushed and said OK if you promise. She laid back on the bed and he proceeded. Well, it wasn't long before she was close to cumming. She was moaning so loud and almost screaming when he stopped. She moaned for him to go on, but he just stood up as though he were about to leave. She sat up as he stood over her and she grabbed his penis and put it right in her mouth. She could barely get the big head in all the way.

My penis was about to explode and I couldn't believe that I was going to let this happen. It was the most exciting thing yet that was my little bride sitting there sucking a black man's monster.

She sucked him so good but at last he pulled his penis out and told her lay back he was going to lick her some more. Then he told her to just lay back and close her eyes. Well, she did and he put that big penis up to her pussy. She started to struggle but he held her hands. She moaned "please don't, I'm not on the pill." But he put he head in her little pussy.

The head was giant and it was about all Cindy could take. She moaned and started to orgasm. It was the first time she had orgasmed during intercourse and I was just a little jealous, but so horny. He let her hands go and she pulled him close. She said, "promise you won't come in me" and he said yes.

He was getting excited but couldn't get anymore in than 1/3 of his monster. Cindy just started having multiple orgasms and telling him how big he was moaning "please". Well, that sent him over and he started to come and didn't pull out. Cindy was so on fire I don't even think she thought about it. She just loved the feel of that giant penis in her little nasty pussy.

He laid the after not even taking his penis out. Cindy just laid there hips still moving. Then she said something I will never forget. She said anytime you want my pussy you can have it, anytime.

I snuck downstairs and acted like I came in thru the front door and called her name. I heard him go out our back bedroom door probably with clothes in hand. Cindy jumped in bed as if she had fallen asleep. I went up the stairs where seconds before I had witnessed Cindy having the sex of her life. I undressed in our room and slid in next to Cindy.

She acted like she just woke up and said welcome home as though she were real sleepy. She said let me go take a bath and welcome you home. I told her a bath wasn't needed just lay back and enjoy. She tried to get up but I caught her hand and she laid back down. I licked my way down her stomach but could tell she was trembling. I licked her thighs and then put my tongue on her pussy. She was drenched with his come. He must have came a gallon for her. It was all over her pussy, all over her pubic hair and even all over her thighs. I just slowly licked but tell Cindy was tensing trying to keep it inside her so I wouldn't know. Well, I just sucked her whole vagina in my mouth and licked her little clitty like crazy. Soon she came and she relaxed that's when I realized how much he had come. It came rushing in my mouth mixed with her cum. It was more than I would cum in five times. I just sucked my little brides pussy so good that night. Then I put my penis in her and could barely feel the walls of her vagina. I came like never before.

Cindy never really figured out that I knew. As we lay there I told her that what ever that new cream she had put on her pussy was, that I really liked and hoped she would use it often. Believe Cindy and I have now been married for 10 years and I come home quite often to the new taste. But to this day she doesn't know I know that she is giving her sweet little pussy to our black neighbor.

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