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Swingers Fantasy Fulfilled

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My wife and I are a happily married couple that enjoy each other and as far as sex is concered are very happy and enjoy trying different things. One of our fantasies was to have a other people involved in our sexcapades . We had been fantasing about this for a long time during sex and recently started to actually do something about it. We had met a couple on the web and through them met another couple, both were nice people and when the second couple invited us to a house party we went. We did not part take in anything that night but at this party we met an African-American man ,Jake, who we spoke to for a good while during the evening. As we were just meeting people that evening we liked Jakes company and became friendly. Jake invited us to his home and after about a month of discussing between ourselves we decided to go visit him. He lived about 2 hours away from us so we left early on a Saturday afternoon and drove to where he lived. The entire trip we spoke of what might be and we were both getting horny. I must admit one of my fantasies was to see another man do my wife,the thought of a black gentleman made it very exciting and my wife shared the same thought.

When we arrived in the early evening Jake was waiting for us. He was a pleasant host he lived alone in a nice home. We toured his house saw his hot tub and game room and other play areas, Jake liked to play. We had some wine and light snacks and and talked of the trip and after an hour Jake took us to his play room,said he wanted to show us something . He started showing us some videos that he had,they were interracial and as we watched each short clip of a white girl being fucked by 1 or more black men my wife started to get excited. We watched 4 or 5 and my said to Jake “can you do that?” Jake rplied that she ain’t seen nothing. She excused herself to get comfortable and Jake and I spoke for a while. He was a nice guy about 6 feet clean shaven including his head ,he said that’s what really gets the ladies, about 200 lbs. We spoke about why we came he said he liked us we didn’t seem hung up on things that other couples get hung on. He asked if I was ecxited at the prospect of watching my wife being fucked by Blackman I said lets do it. My wife was a sexpot 5-9 about 160lbs 38-30-38 ,Jake said that he thought ladies should not be pencil thin , “you need something to love” just than the lovely Kate returned in a black teddy that showed a nice portion of her shape her tits were standing up and when she did a spin for us Jake said to me “man she is a piece ,I know you like that ass.

Jake did not take long he started playing with Kate and of course she had no problem she thought she was in one of those video clips. Before long she had is cock in her hands ,his voice was almost hypnotic telling her what to do. She had him inher mouth as she knelt in front of him. His cock grew to about 9inches and he started slowly fucking her mouth with it. After about 10 minutes of this he took to a chair in the playroom. I was getting into this Jake got his video camera and said to tape this. He started going down on her and she started cooing with enjoyment. As he tounged her pussy her long legs wrapped around his back eventually he had her to a fever pitch and started to fuck her.

First he started by raising her feet to his shoulders as he stood hext to her and began to fuck her pussy a little at a time to tease heras he lunged her tits would bounce all over. Than he layed her on her left side and bent her right leg up to expose the entrance to her pussy . As he put his 9 inches in he said “you gettin all this Bill?”, “she’s lovin it and I like watching my self fucking white women”. My wife said to him “HEY BLACK MAN JUST LIKE THE VIDEO.” Well that got Jake going and if I had any thought that she did want to be there out the window they just went. As she was on her side he began to ram at her ,she was moaning in extacy, he was pounding away and I was hard as a rock. He liked her ass and started to grab at it. They turned over and kate was on her stomach with Jake on top of her .His cock was in her pussy and his legs spread eagled behind him from behind I got a nice look at her ass as he lay on top her. He got Kate up on her knees with her head down and her ass in the air and put his cock in her pussy. I was amassed at Jakes staying power he had been pounding on kate for at least 20 minutes ..she said by this time she had already come 2 times that she remembered…

Jake started slapping her ass turning the white cheeks red and as he pounded away and the vibrations moved through her ass cheeks I thought that this was incredible,did not believe it and could not stop I came all over her face without even touching my self. He exposed her ass hole and pulled her butt apart few times for the camera. Jake yelled out “ Hey white woman you want a finger” . She replied ‘Like the video.” He lubbed his middle finger and put it in her butt as he did she exploded in orgasmic pleasure and he he rubbed his cock with his finger through her ass hole just as Jake was ready to come he pulled everything out and blasted a load down her back that ran from her red butt to her neck. She layed motionless for about 5 minutes with a big smile on her face. Jake was spent for the moment and everything was on tape for posterity.

After about 5 minutes Jake said that we should get cleaned go watch the video have some wine and come back for more . Kate and I agreed and that will be another story for another time.

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